G4 Giving Away 1,000 MAG Beta Codes

G4 Writes:

We've got 1000 codes to the new phase of the MAG beta on the PlayStation 3, only available to GameStop pre-order customers... And the winners of this sweepstakes. That's right, 1000 codes. Furthermore, this phase of the beta test introduces 24/7 play. How convenient: just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. You have from now until 11:59PM on November 24th to enter. Ditch the family and turkey and jump online with 255 other gamers for all-out warfare on the PlayStation 3.

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blu3print3157d ago

they want too much information

Noctis Aftermath3157d ago

I'm interested in the MAG beta, but why do they want so much personal information? to send me crap via post? to send me crap via email? to ring me at inappropriate times asking to buy some crap i don't want?
to make a fake passport?
Sorry but i will stick with the BFBC2 beta.

raztad3156d ago

I'm not THAT desperate to give away my personal info.

dkgshiz3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

They are going to have 800 new beta codes. They had 200 yesterday. I got mine from them. There Euro only though. Of course you could just make a EU account real quick too.