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muhameds3192d ago

Both look equally as good

LastPlaceConsole3192d ago

not really big difference

360 version looks cleaner to me

but who cares ?

Pennywise3192d ago

Cleaner? Is that a graphic term I am unaware of?

So... The PS3 version to you, looks... "dirtier"?

sparta763192d ago

Lol @ penny thanks for the laugh, I needed that!
Bubble +

Darkfocus3192d ago

cleaner is actually a term used to describe graphics quite frequently it means sharper textures better AA and more clear but last place console is just trolling as they both look identical albeit a small contrast difference which the end user can adjust any way.

Saaking3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Don't forget, this is gametrailers. While they look exactly the same, I'd say wait for a less biased source.

hobokiller3192d ago

Wow, I had a tough a tough time trying to find any differences.

LONEWOLF2313192d ago

The only difference that i can see is that the PS3 version has a tad bit more screen tearing and the lighting is a bit lower than the 360 version other than that they are pretty much the same.

NewZealander3192d ago

except the ps3 version has nearly three times more screen tear then the 360 version...

Immortal Kaim3192d ago

As per below.

After playing both versions, it is quite apparent that the PS3 version has screen tearing issues not present (or barley noticeable) in the 360 version. I would recommend the 360 version if you have both systems, but either way, it's a fantastic game.

Anyone else have any thoughts about the differences, those who have seen/played both versions?

Domenikos3192d ago

Wow HD lol, now we can see bigger and better quality 360 buttons hud on PS3 side.

-GametimeUK-3192d ago

Theres more to deciding which console to buy it for here other than visuals... Lets not forget that people may also consider buying Assassins Creed for PSP... I would probably rather choose the PS3 version if this was the case for the unlockables...

BUT this isnt the case... I dont want AC for PSP... and since AC2 on PS3 looks horrible im going to get the 360 version

morganfell3192d ago

The PS3 version has 100 times the connectivity with another device.

Traveler3192d ago

They look so close it doesn't really matter very much. I did notice a little bit more screen tearing in the PS3 version in this video, but nothing major. I bought the 360 version, but now I am kind of regretting it because I think the graphics are nearly identical and I really prefer the PS3 Dual Shock 3 controller over the 360's controller.

DMason3192d ago (Edited 3192d ago )

Another credible source you say? You've obviously gone mad, or just been too ignorant to read any other article on here.

Reputable sites such as: DigitalFoundry, IGN AU, and Lens of Truth have all put the 360 version ahead of the PS3 version. Now add Gametrailers to the list. Yeah, it maight not be a huge difference, but all star athletes win races by fractions of a second.

Funny how this site works. A no name blog site posts a few choice screenshots saying that the PS3 version looks better, and the fanboys heat up the article. Four reputable sites post their conclusion that the 360 version looks better, but no one takes notice. Fanboys must be dizzy from all the spinning.

tucky3192d ago

Having played both I can tell you that:
- textures are a lot sharper on 360
- the PS3 version has 10 times more screen tearing than on the 360

I you have both machines ... don't even hesitate a second

Real Gambler3192d ago

People are complaining about one version being a little bit darker than the other or having a little bit more screen tearing than the other. Yet, I have played both also (without even tweaking anything), and in both cases, they both look awesome! Screen tearing is minimal, and contrast are fine as they are, for both consoles.

On the other side, texture pop-in is horrible on both consoles. I know this somehow fit the game style itself, but wow, this is something that nobody complaint against and yet, this is the real game killer here. If you want to show what pop-in is to somebody, this is the game you have to use. If one console was worst than the other, than people would be all over it (too much pop-in, too much pop-in) but since both are really bad, people are nitpicking on stuff that doesn't make the game less enjoyable instead. (Like: the game is darker and I'm too stupid to adjust the contrast if I don't like it that way).

Why is it that people don't see the mountain, but nitpick on little peebles instead?

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GaMa853192d ago

Must be fun living in a fantasy land eh?

LtSkittles3192d ago

huh weird.

LastPlaceConsole - 45 minutes ago
1.1 -
"not really big difference

360 version looks cleaner to me

but who cares ? "

Obviously you do.

Dr_Nefarious3192d ago

Oh please. This is starting to get embarrassing, especially to even comment on these comparisons. They both look the same to the point where this is embarrassing to say one version is superior to the other. Why? Cause you'de be caught in a lie!

Darkeyes3192d ago

Wow, not much difference... Frankly, I had to pause the video and look hard enough to spot any difference.. All I have to say is good work to the devs....

gintoki7773192d ago

mainly slight lighting differences thats about it

Lucreto3192d ago

Very little difference the 360 has better close up face shots. The PS3 has better wide range shots.

BYE3192d ago

Better close up shots and anti-aliasing in comparisons are usually because they failed to switch the PS3 to do 1080p upscaling.

You need to manually do it, unlike 360 which does it by default.

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