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PlayStation LifeStyle writes: "With video games, nostalgia can be a challenging affair. Oftentimes, the over-the-top epic from yesteryear just falls flat, which is specifically why Trine is so refreshing. It's not a masterful remake of an old 16-bit staple, but it certainly plays like one. It's very much inspired by old-school platforming titles, albeit designed with more contemporary hardware in mind. What sets it apart is its presentation quality and the fact that it's a brand new IP. Contained within is a solid storyline that's somewhat tongue in cheek, and a strong gameplay experience."

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ps3gamerkyle3158d ago

I realllllly want this game. Just have no time.

doctorstrange3158d ago

This game looks really good, I really have to pick it up

Sev3158d ago

There is always time for Trine!

Who am I kidding I haven't even tried the demo I am so short on time.

Yet another example of a game that was killed by delays.

Lifewish3158d ago

great review but for me too much money right now.

redsquad3158d ago

This game was such a pleasant surprise for me. I admit that I'd never heard of it until it appeared on the Euro PSN Store - Decided to give it a go on chance, and loved every minute.

Trexman893158d ago

This game must be played local co-op. it is ten times better than playing alone

Sev3158d ago

Local co-op? Oh sh!t. I am buying it right now.

dopeboimagic923158d ago

Yeah, don't have many of those nowadays :P

Fulensenca3158d ago

Solid and fresh game, worth its money. 8.5/10 to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.