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TPG writes: "C.O.P. The Recruit nails a lot on the visual side of things. Unfortunately, it fails on delivery as a whole. Poor controls, odd animations, repetitive mission types, and weak story presentation all work against this game. It is hard not to compare this to Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, but the gameplay feels so stripped down compared to GTA. This game is great for those that can't get enough GTA-esque gameplay, or who don't like violence, hookers, and drugs. Those looking for the next epic-storied sandbox game are better off loading up GTA for one more trip around the block."

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roblef3075d ago

This isn't a game I really thought of picking up, but it could have been ok. I guess.

bgrundman3075d ago

It at least looks pretty.

wondroushippo3075d ago

Yeah, but the gameplay sounds mediocre compared to Chinatown Wars. Which I still haven't beaten.

starven3075d ago

The visuals are amazing for a DS game. GTA is way better at entertainment.

SpoonyRedMage3075d ago

I have the game, I'm enjoying it quite a bit but it's not really that much like GTA, it's much more like a Driver game, which is because it started as one!

The side missions seem to be designed for later in the game, probably for post completion fooling about, it even warns you that they're not for rookies. You'll easily get gunned down towards the beginning when you only a beretta but once you have the shotgun it becomes much more balanced. The gunplay actually controls quite well in my opinion, but I don't swipe with the stylus, I hold it to the screen and just move when necessary. The main issue is that for some reason if enemies get too close you can't hit them so it's essential to keep some distance. Stealth missions are awesome, I agree with that, especially shouting "hey" into the microphone to distract a guard.

The cars controls take some getting used to but once you are used to them they work fairly well, the racing missions are some of the best in my opinion and I wish they'd make an option to do them whenever you want. Both variants of the car chases however suck royally because the AI handles perfectly.

Overall, it's a fun shooter/driving game hybrid that just so happens to be in a sandbox. Saying that though the city is much more of a hub world than in GTA. Fun but flawed.

That's almost like a review of my own!

starven3075d ago

The main issue I had here was that it pretty much takes GTA, strips down the awesome factor, puts on some pretty skins and calls it a day. It would have been awesome to have more of the stealth missions. The gun play would have rocked had the stylus had some sort of sensitivity setting. The game looks amazing, but it's just missing all the heart and soul that could have made this a must own for DS fans.

SpoonyRedMage3075d ago

Well, I think that may have been a conflict of interest between the developers, VD Dev, and the publishers, Ubisoft. They clearly weren't making a GTA clone and I really don't think it feels anything like GTA, I think it's focused on completely different things. Ubisoft however, directly compared it to GTA and boasted that it was better than CTW.

I agree it's just kept back from being a must have by a few flaws but it's a good 3D action game, which are quite a rarity on the DS. I think making more of the missions replayable would have improved it a lot, especially some of the driving missions like the course with the exploding barrels.