The A.V. Club: The 15 best videogames of the '00s

The A.V. Club writes: "We keep coming back to videogames for the same reasons we always have. Or do we? Games in 2009 look considerably different now than they did in 2000, and not just because the graphics have improved. What was once a lonely pursuit has gotten social, whether by way of a party-friendly round of Rock Band or a late-night online session of Modern Warfare. The thrills have gotten more complicated, too. Even the shoot-'em-ups aren't just about shooting 'em up anymore. (Or at least not shooting 'em up without some careful planning.) As the '00s close, The A.V. Club offers our picks for the 15 games that pushed things forward."

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Sabre_G3157d ago

Metal Gear Solid 4, San Andreas, Devil May Cry 1, Uncharted 2, Mass Effect, God of War 1&2 and Half Life 2 should on the list IMO.

L4D, Advanced Wars SSX3 and Rock Band are good games, but do they really qualify for games of the decade? I guess it's their opinon so you can't really argue, just disagree.

Pandamobile3157d ago

Serious lack of Half-Life 2.

sabestar3157d ago

Absolutely. I just went through the list pretty fast and there was no Half life 2 and so did not bother reading. How the hell is Left 4 dead better than Half life 2?

ShAkKa3157d ago

the only game i like from that list is GTA:VC.