iPhone Review: Big Buck Hunter | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: ""Big Buck Hunter Pro" is an iPhone port of the classic arcade hunting game–and, for what it does, it does very well. Essentially, you're on a hunting trip and your goal is to bag as many antlered deer as possible without taking down any innocent doe."

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roblef3191d ago

Honestly? I have no need to shoot deer. At all. Even on the iPhone.

roblef3191d ago

I'm not sure why this title exists, to be honest?

starven3191d ago

Really?? Aren't these games meant for the bar, in a corner, next to the guy passed out?

starven3191d ago

I don't get why it's on the iPhone. Aren't these supposed to be played with plastic guns?

wondroushippo3191d ago

That certainly seems like where a lot of the fun comes from.