iPhone Review: Asphalt 5 | The Portable Gamer

TPG writes: "As a person who bought Asphalt 4 (for 10 bucks!) and felt it was a somewhat weak port, I wish I would have held out for Asphalt 5. This feels much more like a native iPhone game, designed for the hardware from the ground up and it does everything it can to create a 'Burnout meets Ridge Racer-like' arcade experience on the go."

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roblef3013d ago

Racing on the iphone just got real?

wondroushippo3013d ago

I think Real Racing still holds the crown there.

starven3013d ago

It is only real racing if there is a NOS sticker somewhere on the car.

wondroushippo3013d ago

I wasn't a big fan of Asphalt 4. Glad to hear this one's better.

starven3013d ago

Man, if it was Burnout of yester-year that would have been awesome. Still worth a look though.

bgrundman3013d ago

It certainly looks sharp.

ewanaiton523013d ago

It's good to see that the iPhone is starting to develop some seriously nice-looking racing games.