Gamers with both consoles will buy FFXIII for PS3, not Xbox 360

Have you been reading the forums, or paying attention to topics concerning the once PS3 exclusive franchise Final Fantasy? If not, you're missing out on the argument of the century. If you own a PS3 and Xbox 360, for which console will you purchase Final Fantasy XIII, the biggest RPG this generation?

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rtonaey3190d ago

Sorry. Can't play FFXIII on Xbox 360 at all.

Noct3190d ago

Of course multi-console owners would be getting this on the PS3.

PS3 version has shown itself to be fine technically. The demo rendered at 720p native and the cutscenes were in HD. All the latest gameplay footage shows no framerate problems at all and it's clearly locked in to place. All on one disc and without a install.

All the media released is always from the PS3 version so 360 owners have it all to worry about.

So cant wait for the final trailer tomorrow!

THE MAX SPEED 213190d ago

buying it on PS3 is the better choice.

Blaze9293190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

"All the media released is always from the PS3 version so 360 owners have it all to worry about. "

Do you even know that 360 gameplay and trailers have been released which look just fined compared to the PS3 version?

Anyway, the reason for this I think is more or so with the feeling rather than "oh xx version is superior! (something that NO ONE knows). I own both a 360 and PS3 as well but I definitely can't see myself playing a Final Fantasy game on the xbox 360...just feels awkward. Whereas on the PS3, it just feels...right lol. That'll be the version I buy just becuase.

B-Rein3190d ago

but im buyin it on the ps3, obviousley it'll look much better on the ps3, no annoyin disc changes, and final fantasy just belongs to the playsation i'tll feel soo much better playin it on a ps conlsole

Anorexorcist3190d ago

This ain't 1999, this is 2009 and I would like to think that people would whole-heartedly accept and demand advances in technological convenience. Not to mention the fact that the PS3 Blu-Ray version clearly has the HD advantage as well.

With those disagrees that B-Rein and Noct got, I would also like to think that all the PS3-haters out there just love to sit at home with their SD televisions, standard DVD-players, and obsolescent electronic organizers instead of Iphones.

Aquarius3190d ago

Final Fantasy XIII is not the biggest RPG this generation.

Maybe FFXIII Versus.

iamtehpwn3190d ago

I'll be surprised if Xbox360-FFXIII breaks 1.5 million total. In the US alone, I could see PS3 version getting 3-4 million total.

Final Fantasy XIII was built from the ground up as a PS3 exclusive, and was then ported to Xbox360.

If you look at previous multi-disc games, I don't see how the game's Technical aspects and visual quality isn't being sacrificed in some way. FF usually games feature 40 to 90 minutes worth of prerendered CGI. In FFXIII's case, this CGI is rendered at 1080p.

That's a LOT of data. For 3 discs...I just don't know.

Bnet3433190d ago

Yeah, got to agree with the title. I am.

Yarite3190d ago

Theres a new trailer tomorrow!!??

-GametimeUK-3190d ago

Im getting on PS3 but 360 will sell more copies worldwide

Vivi3190d ago

Yeah the final ever trailer for the game.

Official promotional poster for it.

The countdown for the trailer is on the official site under the trailers tab.


We have only seen like 20 seconds of footage of the 360 version which was shown at E3.

Blaze9293190d ago

"We have only seen like 20 seconds of footage of the 360 version which was shown at E3. "

That's funny:

That video is 3 minutes long....

Aquarius3190d ago

Because FFXIII is a FPS right?

Saaking3190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

DUH. The superior version is on PS3. That's a FACT. One disk is infinitely better than multiple disks.


Don't be so dumb. MORE than 50% of all FF's sales come from Japan where it's exclusive to PS3. There is ZERO possibility of the 360 version selling more.

vhero3190d ago

more people will buy on ps3 as more 360 owners who own both will choose to pirate the 360 version instead since theres no online play :). I mean theres no online play so what the heck!

IRetrouk3190d ago

talking crap much mate? ff is exclusive to the ps3 in japan, so how will the 360 sell more copies world wide? the 360 fanbase dont like anything but shooters, look at forza 3 sales or infinate undiscovery or other jrpgs, they dont sell on xbox my friend.

Dragun6193190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

The PS3 version will sell more because

-PS3 Exclusive in Japan

-A Limited Edition Final Fantasy XIII PS3

-All on one Blu Ray disc with no or least compression including CGI

-No mandatory Installs

-And the fanbase seems to be well interested in the PS3 version considering the fact that FFXIII PS3 section on gamefaqs just keeps growing, not to say Xbox360 isn't but FFXIII PS3 is close to the top ten and its not even out yet. Its ranked 28 right now with 758 pages while the XBox 360 version isnt even in the top and has 136 pages. It sorta tells you something about the Fanbase for FF doesn't it.

Hopefully, Square Enix doesn't pass up this opportunity to bundle FFXII PS3 version with a Beta of Final Fantasy XIV. (Not like SE hasn't bundled something with their games before)

Why o why3190d ago

lol , arh sh!t man....i bet u were killin it when you were typing that. i cant stop laughing. +1....yeah +1 because i saw the angle

Vivi3190d ago

Ok maybe the 20 secs thing wasn't the correct thing to say however we have only seen one snippet of gameplay footage of the 360 version.

From that footage I believe PS3 version > 360 version.

360 E3 version

PS3 Demo version

Pause the 360 version on the exact same moment on that HD stream of yours and it looks exactly the same as that pic to me.

It doesn't seem like contrast setting differences either since both images were captured using the videos available on gametrailer. PS3 version seems crisper, especially the towers in the background.

Other then that I have the demo myself so I could tell the differences with the blink of an eye.

DevastationEve3190d ago

I don't see why playing it on Xbox 360 would be intolerable. They'll both be the same game, different controller and different console that's all. If you want to get it on PS3 that's just your preference, but it's not like Xbox 360 can't handle HD gaming.

Also having to swap discs doesn't make a difference to me. And the quality will be the same, although I'm sure they'll pack plenty of content to keep fans happy. And of course there's sure to be content exclusive to one side or the other. Still the bulk of the experience will be the same. An epic 50+ hour jRPG from a company that's known to make 'em the best.

Anon19743190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

I used to buy everything for my 360 and was firmly an Xbox guy. My Xbox last gen received far more use than my PS2. But after 4 consoles, I just couldn't justify buying games on my 360 when I had a choice. What good is having hundreds of dollars invested in a games library if you can't play it when you want? What really was the final straw was when I had my preordered copy of Halo 3 in my hands for over a month with no console to play it on.

Now I buy everything but the odd 360 exclusive on my PS3 and must say, as a gamer I couldn't be happier. On top of that is the bonus that I don't have to keep shelling out for subscription fees anymore to play online and my PS3 is my primary movie/blu-ray/divx/mkv player.

The hardware's more reliable, I prefer the controller better, I don't have to swap disks...for sure I'm getting this on my PS3.

Godmars2903190d ago

No, PS3 owners, Western PS3 owners, still have to worry about the game being "standardized" to match the 360 version.

Square would literally be committing suicide with the established FF fanbase, but so far they've yet to show any loyalty. Have done a number of things that have left me scratching my head. Like the crap with Front Mission and Last Remnant.

Yarite3190d ago

Ugh seriously not this again.

There were some FFXIII screens released a short while back showing off the ENGLISH version of the game....and guess what?

It looked the EXACT same as the Japanese screens a few days before it. Oh but wait maybe there was a minor difference....oh yeah the English screens had subs on them :O The shock of the year.

Oh and guess what? The English trailer (with English voices and menu's) looked the EXACT same as the Japanese trailer.

Stop ******* finding things to complain about.

dragunrising3190d ago

I think its a no brainer for multi-console owners to get it on PS3. I know I will. Its almost sacrilegious to get FFXIII on 360.

darthv723190d ago

PS3 version to play and 360 version to collect. Thing is, the fact there is a 360 version being made is worth getting in the first place. Take into consideration the popularity of the FF franchise on the PS brand says that the majority of copies sold will be to sony. This makes the 360 version a "rarity" and may make it worth something some day. When there will be so many copies of the ps3 version bought and traded in at some point, the rarity of the 360 version will make it hard to find later on.

I have seen high profile games that get ported to a lesser system become worth more than the original version itself. Mainly due to the fact the port didnt sell as many (or anywhere close) to the original. It isnt a matter of better or worse but more of sales will deem the 360 version a collectors item.

Why o why3190d ago

now thats a different angle...i must say

Godmars2903190d ago

Not complaining, being suspicious. There's a difference.

Honestly, if content gets cut out of both Western versions just to accommodate DVD9, how many days after launch is it going to take to figure out the differences from what will be the full JP version?

Yarite3190d ago

Hahah nothing beats fanboy paranoia, it's great!

Content cut from the Japanese version? No they will be exactly the same all round. Considering theres no DLC at launch and nothing is concrete yet regarding it then that smeans everything they have finished by the time the game will begin printing is in the final game.

All the locations we have seen in the trailers before it went multi have been seen in the final game. So have all the character/enemy models and CGI cutscenes.

Story Length is 50 hours according to the devs. Same as all the other FF story lengths. Between 35-50 hours.


Chocobo Side Quests are in the game.
FFXII Hunt system in in the game.
Amusement park like the Golden Saucer from FFVII is in the game.

These have all been confirmed in the past 2 weeks and I am sure more will be also.

Sounds like the game will have just as many mini-games as previous FF'S.

Also considering the world of Pulse in the game is just one giant natural overworld with loads of other huge locations branching of it then nothing seems to imply this will be smaller then any previous FF game in scale, complete and content.

Godmars2903190d ago

No, content cut from the Western version. Which has yet to be fully ruled out for DLC.

And its not like *ALL* details of the game have been revealed. Not every actual nook and cranny. What RPG actually does that?

jadenkorri3190d ago

first of all, with the loss of exclusivity, ps3 owners have lost graphics, things have been cut since the announcement and graphically the game has gotten worst looking. You can clearly tell differences between the old build, IE demo, vs the new build, multi-platform, and unfortunately so far the demo looks better. From any line of common sense, a demo is obviously not a final product, but if anything the final product should look better, not worse than the demo. Whats gonna top this is either the demo will look better or I hope the final product will, FF has always been day one must buy, in this case thou, it will not be, im gonna wait and see if its worth it.

sikbeta3190d ago

So, this is kind of obvious

By now Stupid Wada understood that Rule, after failing for 3 year developing games in the WRONG Console

FF13 will be fully supported by PS3 owners and FFvs13 will become a MAJOR release

mikeslemonade3190d ago

Renting it for PS3... I don't buy games that don't have online. I can beat it and return it in 3 weeks and that saves me roughly $57

Jaces3190d ago

The only thing I can see as to why one would buy it for the 360 is if they're achievement whores or straight up fanboys who refuse to buy anything PS3 unless it's exclusive.

Like most here, I'm getting it for wouldn't feel right on anything else. =P

Shepherd 2143190d ago

360 owners have nothing to worry about, and i wont be buying this game anyways so i win.

bpac1234567893190d ago

nah only informed gamers will buy it for the ps3. Believe it or not there are a lot of people who will buy final fantasy for there 360 instead of ps3 without stopping to figure out that the 360 will have more than one disc.

AAACE53190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

At first, I was going to get it on 360, then I got a Ps3 and said I would get it on Ps3, and now, I will wait and see if anything is offered with it or whatever. Either way, it's just a game... no matter if you play it on 1 disc or 3-4 disc. You will still start and end at the same place!

@Blaster Master... You're right! That's the problem with dealing with these younger gamers. They forget games like FF and MGS started on the NES. Somehow, I believe they think gaming started with the PS1 and PS2. Dig into your history books kids, there's alot there for you to find out!

You guys do know that Nintendo's greed gave birth to the Playstation brand right? If Nintendo had have loosened up with Sony, the Ps1 would have never happened and you would probably be playing games on a Nintendo system... or your worst enemy... a MS system!

Thank god Nintendo was greedy huh?

Sez 3190d ago

i'm getting it on the 360. since most of the games i'm buying next year are 360 games (ME2,Alan Wake,Crackdown2,Halo reach,SC.C.BF2,LP2,KuF2,ect) i don't see why i wouldn't get it on the same system i will mostly be playing next year. but thats just me.

MmaFanQc3190d ago


its obviously obvious

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wxer3190d ago

well DUH

FF got it name side by side with the PS brand
add to that the ONE disk and superior version and the controller

just like tekken

rtonaey3190d ago

I don't know if this one will do good on the Xbox 360....

Like the author said.... Folks grew up with this game on the Playstation brand.

Blaster_Master3190d ago

Final Fantasy started on the regular NES, then to the SNES. You must have just started gaming this gen huh? As for FF. It would be nice to have one disc but if the load times are faster on the 360 then I rather get it. Also, if Sony never gets X game chat then there's another reason to get FF13 for the 360.

wxer3190d ago

i know
and no i did NOT started gaming this gen
but you've got to agree that things changed when FF shifted from a Nintendo platform exclusive to a Sony platform exclusive

Sony gave this franchise so much
much more than Nintendo did

evrfighter3190d ago

"Sony gave this franchise so much "

Like what?

How do you top Nintendo making Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy?

NecrumSlavery3190d ago

@ Blaster

What does xgame chat have to do with FF13?

Why o why3190d ago

its called

'last stand'

the last thing to throw up b4 you....u know....

moparful993190d ago (Edited 3190d ago )

What did sony give final fantasy? How about disc based storage allowing square alot more room to run.. Final fantasy had a cult following until ffvII was released on the ps1. Then the sublime ff era on the ps2 further cemented the marriage between final fantasy and the playstation brand...

evrfighter3190d ago

regardless, that's not topping Nintendo making Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy.

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dimitry213190d ago

i cant see my self playing ff13 on xbox 360 NO

ukilnme3190d ago

I don't give a crap what console the series "started" on or "grew up" on. I think the smart move is to buy it on the console of your choice. PS3 for me.

devilhunterx3190d ago

The Bluray version will have HD CGI

blackpanther253190d ago

I actually did not think of that....well I have the choice to choose which system i want it for and i rather have it with my other playstation Final Fantasy since my system is Backwards capable

DevastationEve3190d ago

It'll be higher bitrate and higher definition but that doesn't mean that you'll benefit from it, the game renders at 720p anyway so it gets downscaled to fit the screen.

Unless it switches display modes before hitting CG, which would mean your display going black for a sec.

DaTruth3190d ago

Unless they upscale the 720p gameplay to 1080p!