Pandemic's The Saboteur goes Gold

Last week the news that EA would cut jobs and as a direct result Pandemic the studio behind the fantastic looking World War 2 game The Sabotuer would effectivly close brought an air of sadness once again to the games industry. However its not all sad news as Pandemic habe announced that the game has gone gold on all three platforms ahead of its release.

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InFAMOUS13075d ago

I find it hard to believe... Its really sad that EA shut these guys down. They have alot of other devs or departments that could of got axed instead. Im not sayin pandemic was the best studio out there cuz they weren't, however they are better then alot of others! Back on topic. I bet EA was just like, do what you can in 3 weeks and after that the game is gold. They will get another dev team to support it post launch, prob Bioware.

freddy993074d ago

game gonna flop big time. from the videos i have watched it looks boring as hell

kornbeaner3074d ago

This game has been on my watch list since '07, hopefully it will be worth the wait. I like the art direction of the game. Sucks about the lost jobs and studio closing down, i've been there before that sh!t is not fun.,

RockmanII73074d ago

Hope Pandemic goes out in a Bang