Entire Mass Effect 2 team to work on DLC

TVGB: "Mass Effect 2's project director Casey Hudson has said that, following the game's completion, "pretty much" the entire team will start working on additional content for the sci-fi RPG."

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dgroundwater3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I trust Bioware as a developer of good games, but not necessarily DLC. I'll let their iffy ME1 DLC slide this time because they actually prepared for it in the sequel.

StanLee3099d ago

Good to know. A lot was promised for the first game and it never really materialized.

Perjoss3099d ago

DLC is a bit of a plague on gaming in some cases, devs turn their attention to making addons that are not always that great, and in fact they could easily delay the games a little and add those DLC into the main game making it an even better game.

So rather than finishing a game early so they can move onto DLC would it not be better to delay a bit and make a great game even better? Is this why Ocarina will forever remain at the top? :P

dev: "sir we just need 3 more weeks to add this kick arse side quest that is going to blow everyone away"

publisher: "hmm, just how good is this side quest of which you speak?"

dev: "its THAT good!"

publisher: "ok, keep working on it, we gonna release the game now and sell that mission later"

DISCLAIMER: any resemblance to real devs or publishers or purely coincidental.

beardpapa3099d ago

That's funny. I remember an article a couple days ago that said they had a surprise for us. I said it was probably just DLC. Guess i was correct.

-Alpha3099d ago

What a letdown. Was hoping for a PS3 version even though that was just wishful thinking.

I suppose this is good news though, considering how bad the DLC for ME1 was.

"Hey guys, we half-assed it the first time around and made you pay for something that isn't up to our normal standards, but THIS time we are going to do better!"

kaveti66163099d ago

It's not wishful thinking. It's rational. EA owns Bioware, and no one here is really aware of the contract for Mass Effect between Microsoft and Bioware. EA needs to make a lot of money on its best titles, because they're cutting production of other risky titles in favor of titles that they are confident will sell well. It's possible that if the deal between MS and Bioware was only for timed exclusivity, ME1 & 2 could eventually make their way on a PS.

beardpapa3099d ago

EA will just do what any other business would do. Fulfill the contract and see how sales go. If there's truly an exclusivity contract and it has an expiration date, surely EA would give the call for a PS3 port if it could yield extra sales.

And for those of you that say you'll need to play the first to enjoy ME2. Yea. I guess you could say that. But AC2 is doing a fine job entertaining me, and it did a good job filling me in on some details about AC1, but so far by how things are going, I can say I didn't need to play AC1 to enjoy AC2.

Same goes for UC2. New comers will be kinda asking themselves "Who's Sully and Elena?" but they can still enjoy the UC2 story experience without having to have played UC1 first.

beardpapa3099d ago

lol off topic but I would've edited my post if I could. Did I mention AC2 has horrendous controls? I don't know how many times Ezio ran & jumped off the rooftops when I really wanted him to chase the pickpocket.

Do these guys even play the games they develop?

That goes for DAO as well. *stares at Ubisoft & Bioware*

BldyShdw3099d ago

@ 3.3
Controls work fine for me, the only time he does something I don't want him to is when im not paying attention.

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GaMa853099d ago

Weird how they have the whole team working on DLC,PS3 version maybe?

PS360PCROCKS3099d ago

I wish they would announce a PS3 version already. I guess I should stop hoping and just go buy another 360 sometime soon.

rob60213099d ago

If there was a timed-exclusivity agreement with microsoft, it would be much like they did in the past, meaning Bioware/ea can't mention a PS3 version existing till 6mnths-1yr after it releases on the 360.

The contract should be publicly viewable, there's no reason it shouldn't other than deceive people. The exclusivity window doesn't bug me, what bugs me is flat out lying about the other version not existing/not happening. We should get to know when EA can talk about a PS3 version. If it's a timed agreement, of course they'll make a PS3 version. ME1 who knows though.

Even with all that who knows, MS could have paid in full to keep it exclusive for good, but then again it would cost MS dearly to do so.

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