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The Not-So-Big E3 2007 Games List

Years past, the list of games showing at E3 has been absolutely huge. This year, not so. The list contains games from just 10 publishers. 25 other publishers are listed, with their games yet to be announced.

Notable entries so far include:

* Devil May Cry 4 (Capcom)
* Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trials and Tribulations (Capcom)
* Turok (Disney)
* Star Wars: The Force Unleashed (Lucasarts)
* Unreal Tournament 3 (Midway)
* Little Big Planet (Sony) (Culture, Industry)

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BitbyDeath  +   3008d ago
Err, what list have they been reading. This is the biggest line-up in years. And this is still being added too.

And how can you leave Killzone PS3 out of the notable entries list?
snoop_dizzle  +   3008d ago
I can't wait for Force Unleashed.
gta_cb  +   3007d ago
yeh i am looking forward to is aswell, should be good =)
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BubblesDAVERAGE  +   3007d ago
I want to play that game...I bet the target demo is no where near hwo the action is in the demo...KILLZONE lets talk about that for a min either it will be good or bad I wonder is there middle ground for that title...yet there could be like the last title...it wasnt bad jsut wasnt all that great either...I liked it...Also I wonder wat trick xbxo got up here sleeve...I mean 08 is look bleek compared to MGS and final fantasy and the if they make a FF7 remake for ps3(exclusive) people in japan would go crazy and there would be a mild rush here in america...I wanna play R@C just because it looks so damn good..that game looks just as good as gears of war...(my opnion) its not like you can take my bubbles away (xbxots did that already) o yeah jason that comment was cute shout me out again...I love it
Kleptic  +   3007d ago
With the budget and importance of that game at this point, I am pretty sure they will delay it before releasing it at as merely an ok title...

Resistance was a great effort from Insomniac...It is unclear on how "free" Insomniac was to be risky with the game (not very likely), but it definitely showed that the ps3 can compete in the shooter market...Not that I am starting a resitance vs. the world debate, but being that numerous sources have quoted Killzone 2/3/ps3 at north of $35/40 million...thats nearly 3 times the budget of Resistance iirc...never saw that officially confirmed, just rumored... (resistance's budget I mean...Killzones has been published in several newspapers in Europe)

if its merely ok...it was a huge disaster as far as Sony is concerned, or should be concerned for that matter...
Uganda64  +   3007d ago
From the big three


Heavenly Sword (PS3)
Home (PS3)
Killzone 2 (PS3)
Lair (PS3) (When's this getting released then? Better be right after the show)
LittleBigPlanet (PS3)
Ratchet and Clank Future: Tools of Destruction (PS3)
SingStar (PS3)
SOCOM Confrontation (PS3)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PS3)
Warhawk (PS3)

Those are of note.
Vojkan  +   3007d ago
Sonys is list is basically what has been shown during SCEA gamers day so there is going to be plenty of new stuff during E3. I just don't think they are going to show same games all over again, but i might be wrong.
Uganda64  +   3007d ago
I hope they show 8 Days, The Getaway and White Knight Story too.
Actually, the rest of their list on IGN is exactly the same as their Gamer's Day list minus maybe a few games, so I think you're right and the list is just guesswork.
TheMART  +   3007d ago
A long list haven't listed their games yet, thus a lot more to come:

1C Company
2K Games
Atlus Software
Bethesda Softworks
Crave Entertainment
Eidos Interactive
Foundation 9 Entertainment
GSC GameWorld
id Software
Konami Digital Entertainment
Majesco Entertainment
Namco Bandai Games
Sierra Entertainment
Square Enix
Warner Bros. Interactive

All not listed anything YET
gta_cb  +   3007d ago
Namco Bandai Games

well i hope they announce a Dragon Ball Z game for the Xbox 360, i have always liked playing the series, but i dont want to have to play the next one on a PS2 as i only have an Xbox 360 in my room lazy eh? lol
super bill  +   3007d ago
i think microsoft will kick sony,s arse again at this years e3.
DeadlyFire  +   3007d ago
What exactly kicked there @ss last year? Gears is the only game I can think of from MS yet made by Epic, but even so Resistance did well for a launch game and wasn't that far off graphics wise compared to Gears and had 40 player online play.
TheMART  +   3007d ago
Dude, Resistance is FAR off for sure. Anyone that seen both running can confirm. I've seen it on PS3 and it's allright, but I wasn't impressed. On par with COD2 on the 360 launch. The 40 player online... well... I don't mind if I play with 24 in COD3 or if it would be 40, really.

It doesn't improve the game in any way that much.

For last year E3, MS got many prices. They rocked not only with Gears of War, but also Bioshock, Mass Effect and many other games. Overall they got about the most awards on E3.

Many of those games will release this year, but that's not the point. He was mentioning the E3, were MS had a really great show and Sony dissapointed big time. Everyone agreed back then, even Sony fanboys. They got the award for most underwhelmed show back then
DiLeCtioN  +   3007d ago
mart i dont remember sony fans being disappointed, i rememberd most fans enjoying game trailers,stage demos and new accessories from their favourite console not your sick fanboy mind.
gta_cb  +   3007d ago
"The Not-So-Big E3 2007 Games List"
maybe the title is being sarcastic lol, i like the list, and well like someone above said the list is still being added to.
HaKeRsCanRotINHEL  +   3007d ago
More games to come, so don't sweat-it folks...................
That is unless they really did kill E3's sprite by down sizing. :(

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