Kingdom Hearts a No Go on PSPGo

If a brochure listing and event clerk are to be believed, it looks like Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep will not be released via PSN for PSPGo owners to purchase when the title sees release in the upcoming future.

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saint_john_paul_ii3104d ago

and this is reason #2 on why PSP Go will no do well, with Reason #1 being a High Price Tag.

WHat I dont understand is why doesnt Sony Intervene in this situation to prevent stupidity like this to happen?

ceedubya93104d ago

What's the point of offering the Go if it is limited in what you can use with it? There is already a large back catalog of UMD games that may never see the light of day on PSN. There is no reason for new games to not have downloadable releases if Sony wants the Go to be/remain relevant. The price is too high to be less desireable that the regular slimline PSP.

I like the downloable idea, as I really don't want to carry around UMDs. But, I have to sit on pins and needles everytime a new game releases just to hope I'll be able to download it, then what's the point?

Chris3993104d ago

There was the same sort of speculation about Dissidia (same company even), and lo and behold a couple weeks later it get's plopped on the PSN. All of the new releases are getting a digital version, some just later than the physical ones.

SpoonyRedMage3104d ago

Well I saw it posted somewhere(can't remember where) that it's Disney who has the issue, something about Copyright... and you know how Disney are with Copyright law!

But I agree, no need to be alarmed just yet.

Marceles3104d ago (Edited 3104d ago )

If this really happens I'd be really mad right now, this would seriously suck and thinking of how cool KH would look on it was a big reason why I bought one. But there's plenty of time for this to change...and with FF7 and Dissidia being on the top of the PSN leaderboards every week I wouldn't see why they wouldn't.

NecrumSlavery3104d ago

Is this forever or until it hits US and UK?

Maybe they don't want people getting it off the JP PSN.

Da One3104d ago

5 Page read, it'll give you some insight on what you need

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