Twin Galaxies: Demon's Souls Review


"But do I grind for more souls or do I power through the next section of the game to uncover its secrets? Part of the fun of DS is in how you handle your business. In theory, the entire game can be tackled without doing anything I just described, unlike other Eastern-made RPGs that would clobber you for taking on high-level monsters with low-level characters. There's something to be said about a player's skill in a game like this, and being constantly killed and respawned to learn from your mistakes forces you to be a better player, high stat levels and powerful armament be damned. Continued attempts to finish one more section can strengthen your resolve and fuel the vendetta that you build against the game even more. Sure, many players may find the challenge level to be a deal breaker, but for the thick skinned among you, Demon's Souls will be one of the best games you've screamed at all year."

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