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Submitted by PhilipLarkin 2272d ago | news

Unannounced Horror Sequel Teased In OPM Is Dead Space 2

GOONL!NE writes: "In the latest issue of Official Playstation Magazine, a new, unannounced horror sequel is teased in the 'Next Month' section. What could it be? Are those tentacles coming out of a gas mask? What are those letters on the top of the creature's head? Why the odd, view obstructing grill? After sending the picture to forensics, we've discovered that the game is Dead Space 2" (Culture, Industry)

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sparta76  +   2272d ago
I hope so!!
Dead space is my favorite horror game this gen..
kharma45  +   2272d ago
Dead Space was one of the best games I've played out of any genre so far this gen.

EA really did pull out all the stops with it, it was fantastic.
yog-sothot  +   2272d ago

it was such a great surprise !

I know it's been said, discussed etc, but for me, the controls are exactly what RE5 should have had
colonel179  +   2272d ago
that's actually the reason I didn't buy RE5, I've never been a fan of the series, but I liked RE4 so I wanted to try 5, the problem was that I played the demo right after I finished playing Dead Space, so I wanted to control exactly like it.

I know some games are made for a specific way of control, and I complained about people wanting COD4-style controls in Killzone 2, because they are different games, and are supposed to have different feel, and control, but in the case of RE5, it was wrong. Dead Space controls were so intuitive and RE5 was a game to be controlled exactly like it, it was perfect for the kind of game RE5 became.

I hope RE developers have learned a bit about Dead Space and copy the controls for the next RE, in the meantime, Dead Space holds No. 1 spot as the best Horror game this generation, and it will be hard to top it, although surely DS 2 will!
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princejb134  +   2272d ago
i love dead space
one of the best and greatest games this gen
NMC2007  +   2272d ago
So what happens to EA if this one doesn't sell well either? I mean I hope it does but still, they need to make money off these efforts, so if this fails, does that mean no Mirror's Edge 2?
TotalPS3Fanboy  +   2272d ago
"So what happens to EA if this one doesn't sell well either?"

EA admits defeat and finally stop clock-blocking Universal Cross Game Chat, resulting in the end of the boycott, and EA games sales soar like never before seen.
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TheBand1t  +   2272d ago
Boycott EA all you want. I'm gonna buy Dead Space 2 and BC2. Maybe Dante's Inferno.
mastiffchild  +   2272d ago
If I KNEW EA were blcking cross game chat for a fact I'd buy MORE of their games. I despise the feature with a passion I usually reserve for 360 avatars(why can't I kill mine? Why must it exist if I hate the damn thing!?)because it just shows how damn impatient people are hese days. FFS if I'm playing a game I only need to talk to my eammates don't I? Talking to folk in other games just distracts you or others doing the same and, for me, made TF2 a joke on the 360-to say nothing of the opportunities it offers for cheats. Cross game invites -yes. X game chat-eff off cos we should ALL be able to wait five minutes to talk to someone.

So, imo, well done EA-it's pointless feature and one noone would really miss if it never happened at all.Certainly becuase it's one of the few Live features that PSN lacks WAY too much is made of it by both sides and you'd be surprised how many people share my opinion.
artgamer  +   2272d ago
Mirrors Edge 2 also please.

...most underrated game this gen.
xabmol  +   2272d ago
Indeed, good Sir.
TheBand1t  +   2272d ago
Oh hell YES. This brings me much joy.
d_dogg2007  +   2272d ago
Hell yes!! this game curb stomps RE5 in every way! Cannot wait for this bad boy to scare the living sh8t out of me!
mastiffchild  +   2272d ago
Indeed. As impressive as your breasts are they just don't compare to necromorphs scaring every type of bodily fluid from my decaying carcass.

I enjoyed playing through Extraction the other day as well as loving theoriginal and it REALLY whet my appetite for more DS proper so this news is welcome indeed. So much better than the babysitting sim they called RE5(seriously while the co-op was just about passable-though playing co-op with a mate is NEVER gonna be scary Capcom-the SP was a 'mare putting up with THAT useless woman and she spoiled EVERYTHING for me, EVERYTHING! So-RE5 broken if your internet connection is crap and don't even mention the Vs content! Extra money for the worst online MP ever? You spoil us Capcom! Or should that be you spoil your greatest ever franchise?)-and in So many ways the game Capcom should have made. Mean. moody and scary with a thrilling feeling of complete isolation. Brilliant and underrated, imo. Still haven't given it a second play to mop up the few remaining trophies which is something it deserves I do-esp since I managed to delete my MGS4 save after fighting for a week for the BB emblem, doh!
Evildoomnerd  +   2272d ago
Our God has spoken...
Worry not, fellow gamers, our salvation shall enlighten those who choose to ignore Unitology.

~Altman be praised!!
TheBand1t  +   2272d ago
May the blessings of the Marker grace you, brother.

Altman be praised.
micro_invader  +   2272d ago
Our time is almost near.

Altman be praised.
Bloodshoteyz  +   2272d ago
WOO for EA. Great game, loved all the scares, keep em' coming =)
DARK WITNESS  +   2272d ago
love dead space... love it, love it, love it !

more dead space please !

I enjoyed it way more then some of the over hyped exclusive ip's that fanboys on both sides have been plastering all over the walls.
Wolfie  +   2272d ago
I love Dead Space series (game and animated movie)
xabmol  +   2272d ago
That anime movie was crap. The motion comic was WAY better.
Parapraxis  +   2272d ago
So so so much win!
I will be getting this game day 1!
Dead Space is possibly the best survival/horror game I have ever played.
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jack_burt0n  +   2272d ago
best scifi horror of the last ten years
ViciousBoston  +   2272d ago
Cant wait for this. I haven't finished Dead Space but i'm opn act 9 and its intense. I really think Dead Space is one of the top 5 games this generation and in the top 5 also for new IPs.
Wolf873  +   2272d ago
Good news,
can't wait for some official info about it. Honestly speaking, Dead Space is the only other scary game besides Siren Blood Curse this gen.
Kakihara  +   2272d ago
Nice, Dead space was THE most atmospheric game I ever played and ...

(spoilers, kinda)

... the moment the final boss appeared my jaw almost dropped off. Got to be one of the most stunning (and pant soiling) scenes in any game ever.
Kakihara  +   2272d ago

Some little douche who never touched a boob he didn't grow himself and thinks the only way to divert attention away from his pathetic pussificated life and have his little girl feelings hurt is by affecting an overly negative and horrible attitude has tried to ruin the first Dead space game for anyone who hasn't yet played it.

Beware, the douche's comment is in all caps and is a pretty simple sentence so you might want to look away and scroll down.





DLA2K9  +   2272d ago
The Mods on this site are idiots
SixTwoTwo  +   2271d ago
Yh Idk why they haven't IP banned you yet
DLA2K10   2272d ago | Spam
DLA2K10   2272d ago | Spam
mirroredderorrim  +   2272d ago
Platinum on the first. As far as I'm concerned the 2nd is next in line. :]

I hope they make it longer, better looking and add enough freshness to it so that we get something almost new. I loved playing the first one, so it's not like I'm knocking it, or anything, I just want it to add more variety.

Refine and expand the weapon upgrade system (crafting/interchangeable parts?)

I'd like to see more background, settings that are relevant to the story, like they did with Dead Space(1)

I'd like to see more boss fights with phases (longer fights)

I'd like to see more animation on the suit, reflections of lights on the suit, unto surfaces and what have you
I'd like to see character models(or at least the main char. you play) react to the environments I.E: beaded/watery suit, after passing through some steam

Frost on the suit, if passing through an extremely cold area, etc (like Drake, in Uncharted 1/2)
I'd also like to see more monsters, more variety of monster, actually

Make it a 12 hour game, or a game with a level-up system, but let it be a combat system that doesn't take away from that, let them accommodate each other.
That's all I can think of from the top of my head! Shooting sh!t in the dark. Lol.
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Hellbound1978  +   2272d ago
Good points but, IMO they should really rethink their lighting...the shadows were horribly low res and jaggy. This has been the bane of my existence this generation, beautiful graphics with PS1 quality shadows (I'm talkin bout you MGS4, Dead Space) and just about every other game this gen..Is it really that hard to blur the edges of the shadows in games?
DLA2K10   2272d ago | Spam
Kakihara  +   2272d ago
Dammit, ignore.
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DarkBlood  +   2272d ago
have yet to pick this up but definitly will as i wanted to get the dead space extraction for wii as i dont like missing out on a story like this on purpose but seem a little holding back due to the announcement of the wand whos to say it wont be ported to the ps3 as i dont really like having a series on different platforms

but oh well i'll just get it anyways lol loved the controls and i got literally scared the sh!t out of at the end of the demo so definitly a must buy even at its cheap price already
Parapraxis  +   2272d ago
The demo definitely does not do this game justice.
DarkBlood  +   2272d ago
obviously not buddy lol
IWentBrokeForGaming  +   2271d ago
I went back and played Dead Space and I do like the game
IT'S NOT survival horror, Neither is RE5. If you got scarred, you're chugging the weak sauce.

Dead Space, RE5, and RE4 are ACTION GAMES!. You can buy new weapons and ammo in Dead Space not mention getting plenty off of bodies, same with RE4 and 5. This concept has to go. Make ammo scarce again like the old days so you are forced to make more concious decisions with your ammo. Instead of being able to walk with the trigger pulled while spamming bullets, with the only consequence being having to reload. It's crap!

I also think the new RUN feature that has made its way into "horror" games lately, IS CRAP!. It's ALWAYS unlimited, there needs to be a stamina meter... so you get slowed down and HAVE TO face what is stalking/hunting you down to kill you. I'd also love to see are survival horror game that based off of how many items your character is carrying, you move slower.. THAT'D BE BAD ASS!. These games let you carry too many items. Make EVERY item possible to carry, SHOWN on your person. To give an impact of how much artilery you're hauling on yourself. Then display you being bogged down with so much ammunition etc., by making your characters pace deminish... then throw running zombies etc... at a dude a dude paralized cause he's carrying too much. Like a character with a backpack, say you load your backpack with ammenities... you see zombies coming. You can then ditch the backpack, open it/get prepped. Fight while running/scavaging the environment for scarce ammo to stay in the fight. But the key is to always go back to get that backpack cause it'll be the only damn device that keeps you alive!.

Heh... I WOULD make the most badass survival horror game ever played if given the chance. The story would be deep and emotional. The gameplay would f**king own you, as it wouldn't be more "actiony" for the noobs to just plow through. It'd be in your face, overwhelming carnage...

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