SFX-360: Dragonball Raging Blast Review

SFX-360 writes: "The purpose of the Dragonball games is to enjoy the great stories and in the Dragon Battle Collection, you can play through all the Dragonball stories from the Sayian Saga to the Buu Saga and even encounter Broly or what-if stories. What's weird is that you don't have to go through each story in any particular order. Example: You can jump into the Cell Saga and pick any of the available battles and play through it. Some parts of each story will be locked until you beat one of the battles before it but some of them don't actually unlock nor does it tell you what is needed to unlock it. I played through the available parts in the Broly Saga but when I was done there were still two more parts locked and no clue on how to unlock it."

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