PSLS Presents – Tim Jones, Rebellion Games

PSLS writes:
Aliens vs Predator is set to be one of next year's hottest games for the PlayStation 3, arriving on the 19th of January, the game will focus on the classic battle between the two species, as well as the unfortunate Marines. To discuss the title, PlayStation LifeStyle talked to Rebellion, the developers of the game, as well as the original AvP game, about the title, the multiplayer, plans for DLC, and much, much more.

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doctorstrange2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

Really fun, very enjoyable

Teddybee2982d ago

Play as Aliens,Predators and Marines?

doctorstrange2982d ago

all three on the same match, must've been very hard to balance

Lifewish2982d ago

yea all three on one level will be crazy intense

Lifewish2982d ago

game looks like it could be fun

ftwrthtx2982d ago

Great interview and the game looks like fun

doctorstrange2982d ago

Yeah, the game is really fun, I preferred being a predator

doctorstrange2982d ago

hopefully there are more in the pipeline

doctorstrange2982d ago

It does look like it will be good

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