Pandemic Studios Smashes a Printer And Angers Electronics All Over The Globe

Well... this is interesting (and quite hilarious). Pandemic Studios, as you may have heard, recently got shut down, with over 200 workers being kicked to the curb. While the situation is very unfortunate (and I'm sure the great developers will all land on their feet elsewhere), they weren't going out without a bit of class (or lack thereof). In this video, Pandemic Studios members takes a printer ala Office Space and makes it regret that it ever stepped foot inside the building of the team that created games like Mercenaries and the upcoming Saboteur.

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Jsynn72863d ago

Wow. Gangsta. They should've finished the video off with them back at someone's place getting drunk and trying to break dance.

guitarded772863d ago

They should leak Projects X and Y while they are at it.

KiRBY30002863d ago (Edited 2863d ago )

Office Space is an awesome movie. if anyone who hasnt seen it could check it out, that'd be great. mmmkay?

Leathersoup2863d ago

That was pretty unoriginal of them... maybe that's why they were shut down? No originality?

-Alpha2863d ago

they seem to be taking the lay off quite nicely

SupraDOHC2863d ago

Yeah LOL, I guess that part was original

Bloodshoteyz2863d ago

Best Gangsta Youtube Film Award 09'

Timesplitter142863d ago

Weird black printer smoke.

Don't breathe this

Jsynn72863d ago

I thought that was weird too but I think that was the toner.

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The story is too old to be commented.