IBM Have Not Stopped Cell Development

You may have heard the rumors circulating that IBM had stopped Cell development, and it was therefore a failure. Well that was wrong.

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lalalala3075d ago

hmmm maybe it wasn't such a failure after all xbox fans...

Simon_Brezhnev3075d ago

they will still try to spin it

LiquifiedArt3075d ago

Some quality journalism.

Extracts exactly WHAT is being halted. News is 90% idiotic and 10% informative.

This is in the 10%.

DaTruth3075d ago


evrfighter3074d ago

Interesting. It's very rare that Sony has to reach into their pockets.

Trebius3074d ago

All the 360 fools that were dancing about cheering for the end of the cell are now avoiding this thread like the plague.

They really have no clue what they're talking about...

I hope they all feel like idiots after posting the shlt they did on the last thread.

This is funny.

ProblemSolver3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

"IBM Have Not Stopped Cell Development"

Yeah right, like I've written in one of my last comment
three days ago. ;)

MAiKU3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

.......EPIC FAIL.

(i can't believe i fell for such a stupid rumor.)

raztad3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

"The cell is dead in the Water" --- TheSixthAxis

What a lame site.

"The PS3 is outdated!!! it should use 4G RAM and an ATI HD 5970 since day one!!!" --- Nut PC fanatics.

Who the hell started this rumor anyway?

Now this got me excited:

"IBM have said they are planning to work on other CPU's in the Cell Processor 'family' and we would assume that by the time the Playstation 4 hits market that they could very well be involved on some level."

Cell 2 for the PS4???

sikbeta3074d ago

"But...but...but... it can't be, I read itz on teh netz...."

3074d ago
Christopher3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

All that was said was that a specific cell processor design was dead in the water, not all cell processor designs.

I'm still confused how they can call the processor slow in the previous article considering the amount of bandwith for data transfer between the cells and their ability to perform real-time processing faster than other chipsets.

ico923074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

thats great, i was just looking at the previous article about ibm supposedly halting cell development and LMFAO at all the fanboy comments saying the ps3 was dooommedd

OtherWhiteMeat3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

I'm going to song the "Doom Song" ........links not working , sorry

beardpapa3074d ago

People are clearly interested in this article. But alas... because it's not from TheSixthAxis and because it's not another PS3 doomed article, it's merely stuck at 280 degrees. Will we ever see this one get the high marks and pop up at the top of the N4G page?

Until next time...

Anon19743074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Did you see the other article, with all the usual Xbox 360 mouth-pieces clapping their flippers together like trained seals and acting that "that must mean the PS3 is also a failure!" at the news? Makes me feel ashamed to admit I'm a 360 owner sometimes, just because I don't ever want to be associated with that type of element.

All I could do was shake my head in disbelief at the level of ignorance on display.

PS3PCFTW3074d ago

xbox fans have just gotten their wet dreams eradicated.

i dont understand all the hate towards the ps3 architecture.

I mean, all the 360 fans said that the 360 has better ram/ cpu/ and a much better gpu than the ps3.

i guess thats why uncharted 2 looks the way it does and 360 has nothing to match that caliber of quality and presentation.

hmmm sony looks well poised to own this gen too. history is repeating itself as we speak

mal_tez923074d ago

That an updated PS3 processor will go into the PS4. It will be more powerful, but work in the same way; so all knowledge and experience gained by developers from working on the PS3 will go directly to skill with the PS4. The more powerful chip as well as more RAM and a better graphics card (also possibly a new optical drive) will mean the PS4 will have high quality games right away, not having to wait a year after release to see awesome games like Drake's Fortune.

I hope this is true, but it was like 3 months ago when I heard it and I can;t remember where.

zeeshan3074d ago

Sony FTW :) The company surely knows what it is doing and what the future holds for us the gamers.

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Pennywise3075d ago

They are working on the next gen cell.

Dutch Boogie3074d ago

True. Just like what i said in the recent article 3 days ago:

"Yeah you'd want that wouldn't you turd (360) lover. Sony can just hire IBM to produce a restructured cell processor as a side project for the ps4. Sony wouldn't stand aside and just watch a hea;thy investment go to waste.

The fact that they incorporated the cell into the ps3 now gives them the advantage of refining it and using an advanced (yet cheap) version for the ps4.

This means developers that have been able to master the cell this gen will have a good knowledge of how to program for it. Now this is the fun part. Because developers will have a knowledgeable understanding of it's infrastructure, we should start seeing next gen (ps4) launch games at a much higher quality than we did the ps3 launch right of the bat.

Now go troll >>>>"

Pennywise3074d ago

Yep... for the dummies to believe that IBM would stop all iterations of the most powerful number crunching processor ever is just plain dumb.

First gen cell chip is breaking barriers... I can't wait to see what comes of this technology.

sikbeta3074d ago

You 2 don't understand Fanboy Logic

NOW they are crying in the corner, their fragile mind can't stand these


gunnerforlife3075d ago

i had 2 sign in jst to


at that hahaha

CernaML3075d ago

lololol Ahahahahaa... I don't get it...

renegade3075d ago

Wow the terminator is still going on.

NicCageMYHero3074d ago

ANY Terminator reference is OK with me!

Jihaad_cpt3074d ago

Lol. I think I pee'd myself laughing

gumgum993074d ago

lol, judgement day cannot be stopped. Only postponed.

TotalPS3Fanboy3074d ago (Edited 3074d ago )

Microsoft will send an X-bot into the past, to try to terminate Ken Kutaragi and prevent the development of the Cell. The Sony Librated Gamers will send a TimeSplitter soldier into the past to try and stop the X-bot.

Godmars2903074d ago

You mean Sony will send a monkey.

A flaming monkey...

gta_cb3074d ago

to lol aswell :) nice comment, made me giggle.

and i actually watched Terminator 3 last night - good film!

sikbeta3074d ago

NOP, is the Cyborg-Chimp

ico923074d ago

its nice to see people are fans of the cult FPS timesplitters such an awesome game especially future perfect

GarandShooter3074d ago

@ sikbeta

My god, those are the guys from Ape Escape...I never realized they were Sony's army from the future, already sent back to PS1 days to prevent armageddon...suddenly this is all starting to make sense...

DaTruth3074d ago

Please no! We don't need anymore Xbots... from any time! There are far too many!

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Raoh3075d ago

oh oh, lots of sony haters are going to be upset

Nitrowolf23075d ago

but but but the cell is dead

Monk3y3075d ago

but but but xbox gpu is bettard!!11

sikbeta3074d ago

"but..but..the RRODz iz teh Coolezt"