TVGB: Skate 3 Hands-On Preview

The Tony Hawk series might be back in the limelight thanks to a certain Ride-able plastic peripheral, but what of the series that forced such innovation and reinvention in the first place? The team at Black Box has been hard at work on the third installment of their surprisingly successful non-Tony Hawk branded skate sim, Skate 3, which this time around focuses on team-based gameplay. "Team up. Throw down." That's the series' new motto, and your new personal mantra as you work together with friends actual or virtual to build your own skating empire. Having already established yourself amongst the ranks of the skateboarding elite in the first two games, Skate 3 takes the next logical step by having you start your own company, building your brand and selling your boards by recruiting your own skating dream team.

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glennc3191d ago

not really interested in the multiplayer aspect. 1 area i am worried about is the ability to move objects around. i read somewhere else this has been removed and replaced with placing objects similar to the old TH series. i think both are required for the total experience. i am hoping it is just because it is an early build