Infinity Ward associates c-word with girls

Infinity Ward's official forums are awash with complaints from gamers after the revelation that the forum's swear filter associates the word 'c*nt' with girls.

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Guido3158d ago

The hate for Infinity Ward is getting so pathetic is not even funny anymore. If the idiot chick that reported this would think about it, the word c*nt and b*tch happen to be of female parts or in reference to a female be that human or other specie. I wonder if you type in d*ck on IW's forums if it replaces the word with boy...

These articles are f*cking lame.

Kleptic3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

I can't say 'c0ckpit' on N4G...N4G is sexist against males...and airplanes...

Saryk3158d ago

I really don’t care for IW, but I got to side with them on this one. If someone types in c*nt or bi^ch then, girl would be a decent substitute.
But why is this even news?

swansong3158d ago

They should change that offensive C* word to mean female.Or how about ex-wife/girlfriend. I think the person wanting to use that word in the first place oughta question themselves as to why they want to use that word.

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The story is too old to be commented.