Dante's Inferno may get DLC, producer wants a sequel

TVGB: "During a recent interview, executive producer Jonathan Knight said EA's hellish Dante's Inferno may be seeing post-release downloadable content."

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Guido3076d ago

If you have gone to hell once, whey the hell would you want to go back? Good gravy!

erathaol3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I was in a discussion talking about the similarities between God of War and Dante's Inferno, when someone said that we had it wrong. He believed that Dante's Inferno actually bares more similarities to Super Mario Bros. To which someone responded...

That's really funny, I can just see the ending of Dante's Inferno being "The Princess is in another Circle."

Kakihara3075d ago

Well the original story is a trilogy which takes Dante through purgatory and Heaven, admittedly this game has just about nothing in common with the original Divine comedy and purgatory and Heaven are far less interesting than hell but ... hey, they could make it work.

Jsynn73076d ago

Maybe he'll fight his way through heaven j/k I'm interested in this game. Though very similar to GoW, it looks like a decent game.

FunAndGun3075d ago

I don't care what kind of parallels there are to GoW, this game looks hot!

devilhunterx3075d ago

Really hate it when games which arent even out yet, have already got DLC planned. Why not just add the DLC in the game already?!

Whats the issue? DVD space?


You mean content already in the game that is carefully removed and sold separately for no other reason than to milk the consumer?
Map pack coming!!! Bringing the grand total to 6 maps.New suits coming!! Unique and powerful suits normally considered 'unlockables' but carefully removed and re-marketed as 'add-ons'...
New weapons coming!! removed for balance issues but now 'reimagined' and back in the scheme.
New missions!!! Much like the cut parts of existing missions but with new suits and weapons and maps and dialogue options!
The game isn't even out fitting.

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