Can We Stop Gaming From Becoming Saturated? "Imagine a world without series like Uncharted and Fable. A world where every developer played it safe when making their games, thus never taking risk, and always sticking to the "standard" of what other top selling games do. A world where household franchises like Guitar Hero and Call of Duty, were released not once, but multiple times in a year. A world where all games were multi-platform, everyday until we finally were narrowed down to having only one console available on the market."

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presto7173156d ago

but this gen I have seen a huge double standard against ps3 exclusives. If KZ2 was just like KZ1, and had a 4hr campaign and last gen graphics, people would have ripped it to shreds. But with MW 2, well, its call of duty and is multiplatform so to them all that is fine.

I dont think the saturation will stop, but all I care about is good games really. If a kick ass game like demons souls only sold 10 copies, that still wouldn't stop me from getting it.

AAACE53155d ago

I would really like for it to go back to just 2 consoles! So I guess i'm saying I wish 2 companies went in on one console together.

(Fanboys may hate hearing this, but I believe you will see that I am unbiased on the subject)

All 3 have their strengths and weaknesses. Like Nintendo has some franchises that people love and they are willing to try new ideas, no matter how crazy they seem. Sony has some great franchises and some innovative ideas. Microsoft has some great franchises and they have the best interface.

Nintendo- I like some of their games, but the gimmicky controller and not having alot for me drove me to get rid of the Wii.

Sony- I like some of their games, and like the power and features of the Ps3, but little stuff like not having a demo for almost all games and long downloads and having to install a demo and probably having to update just to play a demo is boring. It took me nearly 2 hours to install MGS 4 and MGS online.

MS- I like some of their games, and like the interface. The setup of the dashboard and navigation make you want to keep the 360 on even while not playing games. Yet, the console has failed on me a few times and it is always in the back of my mind that any day another one can go out on me at any time.

So if Nintendo and MS, or Sony and Nintendo, or MS and Sony or whatever go in together on a console... I think it would help the industry overall.

Godmars2903156d ago

As much as the PS3 and 360 hardcore don't want to admit this console gen is in trouble. Every dev came into this gen complaining about high production, but few have shown any real understanding. Then there's the little detail that only the Wii is approaching PS2 numbers, and its losing momentum.

YungXclusive2K93156d ago

this industry is over saturated

Godmars2903156d ago

I'm more concerned with it being unbalanced. Being four years in while still trying to figure out which direction it wants to go. That overall, it openly segregates online/offline access. With people who don't have online aren't getting the full value for consoles and games.

Pennywise3156d ago (Edited 3156d ago )

Whats with all of these supposed gaming sites fapping to the idea of gaming being ruined? Can't they write about anything else? It gets old.

edit: way to ninja change the title about gaming being doomed.

Raoh3156d ago

nope.. once anything gets mainstream its pretty much over.. we just have to wait for the hype to die out so the real gamers can emerge from all the rubble..

ndibu3156d ago

I blame the PS3 gamers. Yeah I said it, those that do not buy those incredible ''cutting edge'' games. Definately puts a new spin on that old adage that all X360 gamers do is buy shooters...well it doesn't seem as though PS3 fans buy much else either according to this article. Correct me if I'm wrong, isn't Modern Warfare 2 the top selling game of 09 so far? Followed by KillZone 2...and how is KZ 2 cutting edge by the way?

ndibu3156d ago

Top selling on PS3 I meant

Pennywise3156d ago

With comments like that, I blame your bubbles.

bjornbear3156d ago

because it was released in Feb. and has been selling for just about 9 months, whereas games like inFamous have been on sale for 6 months and Uncharted 2 has been on sale for 3 months.

Use your head buddy

Anorexorcist3156d ago

He can't use his head. It is in a very dark, tight, and smelly location.

ndibu3156d ago

Be know I've got a point. I'll admit that KillZone 2 has an advantage of being out early but that doesn't explain away MW2. I actually envy PS3 gamers this yeah, games like inFamous and Uncharted are the reason I head over to my buddy's place for gaming but you've gotta face the facts here, these games do not sell nearly as much as they SHOULD.
I say should NOT because they are hyped, but because they are THAT GOOD.
I just wish PS3 fans would stop being hypocritical and saying X360 fans buy nothing but shooters.

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