Exclusive Preview and Screenshots: All Points Bulletin

GrE writes, "A wee while back, a relatively unknown developer released a new game on the Xbox 360. It came out in the dead time of Q1 and nobody expected just how good it would be. That game was Crackdown and the developer was Realtime Worlds. Crackdown rocked everyone's world and showed a lot of gamers just how much fun you could have with superpowers in an open world environment.

What really surprised the boys at Realtime worlds was just how gamers found new uses for the sandbox in multiplayer mode. With players opting to make up their own ways to compete with each other in the game's environment. This got them them thinking about multiplayer sandbox environments and from this All Points Bulletin was born..."

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squif3133d ago

I am sooo looking forward to this game. When is it coming out?

bgrundman3133d ago

As far as I am concerned, this can not come out soon enough.

roblef3133d ago

I could not agree more. Bring it out now!

bgrundman3133d ago

Makes me wonder if the devs of Crackdown will be able to pull off actually having a story in their games.

notbob3133d ago

I remember when realtime worlds sold the Halo 3 beta that came with free Crackdown.

UltimateSin3132d ago

Unfortunately this game wont be released on the 360 or PS3 until after it comes out on PC (that's if it comes out on PS3/360). Hopefully I can pick it up on PC, if mine can run it.

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