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GrE writes, "Astro Boy (the movie) is a delightful reboot of the 1960's cartoon of the same name. Dr Tenma loses his son in a tragic accident while testing a giant robot powered by the red core – a power source made of negative energy. Grief stricken, he recreates his son in robot form, and powers that new robot with the far more stable blue core, which is made of positive energy. Astro spends the rest of the movie searching for his place in the world. Some stuff happens, some lessons are learned, and there's a giant alien monster at the end that doesn't have anything to do with the rest of the movie – what more could you ask for? "

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squif3187d ago

This game looks like garbage with a capital "G."

bgrundman3187d ago

Agree... but if they used the same art assets as in the movie. Oh, wait... this is on the Wii, nevermind.

roblef3187d ago

Be nice... it can't be that bad... can it?

squif3187d ago

Another cheap movie cash in. When will consumers learn?

roblef3187d ago

Where the Wild Things are wasn't bad.

starven3187d ago

Can't say this one will be getting added to the library

bgrundman3187d ago

I don't blame you. This looks like a steamer.

notbob3187d ago

Was this game made in Cleveland by any chance?