College Gamers Trade for Free on Goozex

GrE writes, "Are you a hardcore gamer? Are you sick of being ripped off by retail chains like GameStop? Well now is your turn to fight back, using the game trading service Goozex. Never has there been a better way to get the maximum value for your games, while not having to pay top dollar for the newest releases..."

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squif2923d ago

Makes me wish I was in college again!

cLiCK_sLiCK92922d ago (Edited 2922d ago ) is better imo. Its free or you have the option pay a small fee for a safer trade. And you dont have to worry about points and what not. Direct trading. USPS postage available at the website. I dont see how goozex is better. Switchgames is more convenient.

I would really recommend this.

bgrundman2923d ago

I have been using this for years and i swear by it.

starven2923d ago

I still have my student ID...that counts right?

roblef2923d ago

it is a .edu email address that you need.

bgrundman2923d ago

Makes me want to go back to school. Will this work for teachers?

notbob2923d ago

Could they have chosen a worse name?

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