New Super Mario Bros. Wii hits 1.3 million units sold

With the Japanese release still to come, New Super Mario Bros. Wii looks set to become the third fastest-selling Wii game to date with some strong sales - Wii hardware also sees large increases

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Braineater24483192d ago

Such a fun game. Only complaint is that it was too short. I beat it in 24 hours (collecting everything).

bmw693192d ago

Ha! That's so that they can release NSMB Wii in a couple of years time...

Braineater24483192d ago

The game is 2D. Do you really think it takes years to develop? It's competing against MW2, UC2, etc.

Smacktard3192d ago

Uh... 24 hours is pretty good for a platformer. And then you can play multiplayer too, so...

Darkfocus3191d ago (Edited 3191d ago )

24 hours is long for almost anything only RPGs and a select few other games top 30 hours

Anon19743191d ago

If I could have it back for one game, this would be it. Not that I have a shortage of games to play but this still looks like a tonne of fun.

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ape0073192d ago

can't wait for this,gonna be like a dream come true for me

mario you rule

yippiechicken3191d ago

you're going to love it! It's awesome!

LeonSKennedy4Life3191d ago

It's great!

Also...I'd be FAR more excited if we could get a decent Donkey Kong game.

Donkey Kong Country 2 is still one of my favorite games. It was Rare's masterpiece, in my opinion.

FrankWest3192d ago

Those are some great sales, Nintendo has yet another winner it seems

Blaster_Master3192d ago

Agreed. I would have bought it too if I didn't sell my two wii's 2 years back. E3 07 looked bleak and got rid of them, damn I was wrong. Looks like I gotta go get another one. LOL!

Smacktard3191d ago

That's why you shouldn't sell your console. What's the point?

Yoshiii3191d ago

this game i am having fun with. game should get more sales then this.

LeonSKennedy4Life3191d ago

I was surprised how much fun it was.

I didn't like the DS version...kinda boring. : (

I'm really enjoying this. Sorry for having doubted you, Nintendo.

I just wish Sony would absorb them complete creative control and unlimited funds. Both companies would have a gold-mine on their hands.

Pennywise3191d ago

Keep non-dimensional Nintendo away from Sony.

LeonSKennedy4Life3191d ago

Miyamoto is a genius though!

Sony would be more than happy to have him on...

ReBurn3191d ago

Considering the money that the Wii has been printing for Nintendo over the last 3 years I don't think that they need Sony at all. Nintendo needs to stay focused on just what they are doing, not become another tentacle off of a huge electronics conglomerate.

LeonSKennedy4Life3191d ago

...but if Nintendo makes a single's all over. Another Gamecube and the company goes under.

I'm pretty sure Sony will grab more of the portable market next time also.

Mini Mario3191d ago

"keep one-dimensional Nintendo away from Sony"

why? isnt that how the playstation was born....thru nintendo and sony. Heck even the square, triangle, circle, and X was in super mario world whenever a spell was casted.

asdr3wsfas3191d ago


Gamecube sold for a profit per console. Nintendo actually did very well (if not the best) profitwise last gen. Certainly beat xbox and IIRC PS2 also, both of which use loss leader sales.

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