UPDATE: Heavy Rain Features A Male Shower Scene

GOONL!NE writes: "Yeah, you read that right. A week ago, we reported a cryptic tweet from Official Playstation Magazine suggesting that there was also a shower scene in Heavy Rain.

Obviously, we assumed it was Madison, who shows all in a strip scene. However, another tweet from OPM, in response to when the public will be able to see the scene, reveals that it's a male character having a clean"

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LastPlaceConsole2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Teh Cell

It only does Everything

On topic...i smell Fox news

Chubear2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Something for the ladies & gay gamers.

deadreckoning6662919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Oh YES! Sparkly Men!! Day 1 LOL

@Last Place Console- Lmao. 4 player co-op in the shower!

LastPlaceConsole2919d ago

It's a Shame that the game doesn't have Co op

4 players Co op or maybe 16 player co op ???

anyway great news for ps3 owners ^-^

wxer2919d ago


sorry but WTF ?

ico922919d ago

im actually reluctant on playing this game.

TapiocaMilkTea2919d ago

Will I be able to use the sixaxis motion control?

erathaol2919d ago

If the Shower Scene was required for a Trophy Unlock, I'm pretty sure Trophy hunters would have to contemplate how much they really need platinum trophies in every game.

Now what would the unlock be called? Soapy and Wet?

Carl14122919d ago

^ Now i need a /cold/ shower


nycredude2919d ago

Ahhh now all the Sony hater's true colors show. You guys sound like a bunch of immature homophobes. Fortunately I am comfortable enough in my own skin to not let this get in the way of a most likely fantastic experience.

ia_studio2919d ago

Wash Scott shelby mini-game

ndibu2919d ago

Still impressed with the game enough to want to buy a PS3 for it though. Anyone notice how X360 fans seem to be the only ones commenting here? Usually all this ''hate and ridicule'' would be met by 40 disagrees and 3 agrees.
Stupid as it sounds, I'm finding it hilarious and loving how PS3 fanboys are avoiding it like the plague. Today I commented without fear :)

Milky Joe2919d ago

I'd chose the 'Slip and break your neck before you get your package out' option for this scene.

STICKzophrenic2918d ago

To those saying Xbox fanboys are the only ones commenting negatively, I seem to remember Sony fanboys saying something about the d!ck in GTAIV:The Lost and Damned, as well as stuff about playing the expansion titled The Ballad of Gay Tony.

It would seem the shoe is on the other foot now.

Me personally? I don't really care either way. I played TLaD and TBoGT, and I'm definitely interested in this game. A male shower scene won't keep me from playing a great game.

TotalPS3Fanboy2918d ago

but the guy shower scene will.

ndibu2918d ago

X360 gamers lets be careful what we say here. Lets keep our comments clean *chuckles* because when negative news about the X360 come up again PS3 fans will ride it hard *ha ha ha ha ha* and not let it go.
So lets not drop the you guys!
Seriously though guys, stripped to the bare essentials, this game looks interesting

TopOfTheMuffinTOYOU2918d ago

or maybe...
he'll have an "accident" and therefore no more shower for him. ever.

Tony P2918d ago

Those defending the game for having female nudity... Where are they now? Double standards much?

Xbox Avatars Shoe2918d ago

The trophy description would be:

"Did not pick up the soap"

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LastPlaceConsole2919d ago

LOL Droids will Love this


Sonyslave32919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I wonder is sony is going to bundled this game with the dildo wand.

LastPlaceConsole2919d ago

i think it's cool

The pink ball glows in the dark

PirateThom2919d ago

Oh come on, you people need a sense of humour. How can you disagree with that? It's funny!

Chubear2919d ago

360fans will be jumping ship to experience this one it seems lol

Lou-Cipher2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

"LOL Droids will Love this"

Just like the time you got really excited when you saw the Full Frontal Male Nudity in that 360 exclusive DLC? - The Lost and the Damned. (We all know the only reason you bought that DLC, is because you heard they had some sausage for you to see)

@ Chubear

I think this is Sony's way to appeal to the 360 audience.

Everywhere around the world people are trading in their 360's for a PS3.

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LastPlaceConsole2919d ago

i can see this game selling at least 5 mill first week :)

i kid ...i kid.

Mindboggle2919d ago

I'll be suprised if it sells 1 mil units in its lifetime.

Its a very niche game and i suspect it wont be advertised either by Sony which is a shame.

Rocket Sauce2918d ago

Boobs AND weiner?!?!

Game of the year 2010

Godmars2902918d ago

Except they're not in the same room. Probably not in the same building.

Or they could be, but clothes will be on by then.

Rocket Sauce2918d ago

So long as they both appear in some capacity, it's good.

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