Fallout 3 Avatar Items

In 3 Days Novemeber 26th you will be able to purchase Fallout 3 Avatar Items on the Xbox Marketplace if you are so inclined.

Vault 101 Suit - 240 MS POints
Bethesda Studios Shirt - 80 MS Points
Fallout 3 Ringer Shirt - 80 MS Points
Vault Boy Shirt - 80 MS Points
Vault Boy Suit - 240 MS Points
Vault Boy Head (Scary) 80 MS Points
Bethesda notes that all items can be purchased for male and female avatars, with the exception of the Vault Boy Suit. That means no boobs on the vault boy, you wanna be cross dressing freaks out there....

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Megaton3163d ago (Edited 3163d ago )

Would be a whole lot sweeter if they had power armor, even just the basic one.

Edit - Thinking about it some more, I'm actually pretty shocked they don't have any power armor for a Fallout avatar clothing set. The BoS soldier in power armor is iconic Fallout. The only thing more iconic is the Vault Boy, which they do have.

NecrumSlavery3163d ago

Money, Money, Money..........MONEEYYY!!!!

Cintai3163d ago

Just like in Playstation's Home where a shirt costs $1, or a chair can cost up to $10. that is more ridiculous than this. BUT its the same thing, both yes BOTH companies are after money with these microtransactions and if you don't like it don't buy it. I certainly won't, and especially would never buy anything for Home.

FanboyAttack3163d ago

I have to agree on the power armor, that definitely shoulda been in there.

-Alpha3163d ago

just more waste of money. Though I do think it's nice how the main menu is designed in the NXE. The avatars are just eh, and I don't why anybody would actually pay for clothes.

But to each his own.

DuneBuggy3163d ago

I wouldnt pay for virtual clothes myself,but I think some games like L4D2 have clothing/articles you "win" by earning certain achievments.

Neo Nugget3163d ago

No power armor is pretty fail :(

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