Sony Playstation Enso Concept Can Be Stuck to the Ceiling

We have come across a number of PS3 controllers that let you play games like there is absolutely no tomorrow. While most of these controllers and PlayStation concepts are certainly cool, that does not stop designers from creating newer and more futuristic concepts.

Designer Harold Smook has created the Sony PlayStation Enso concept which comes with two hand held controllers, and a device to insert the disc and stick on the ceiling.

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Raoh3157d ago

that controller looks interesting.....

rockleex3157d ago

Sony is starting it with 3D, headtracking, and motion controllers.

Just imagine what Sony will do for the PS4.

BeastModeYMOB3157d ago

This is what they should put out for the PS3 in place of the wands! I'm goin to buy this if I can get my hands on it. Natal has some comp now.

Mr Tretton3157d ago

sigh. more motion nonsense. who the hell would want to play an FPS like in that picture?

GamerSciz3157d ago

I agree that FPS and action adventure games just won't be the same without some sort of peripheral. Natal looks cool but when I am pretending to drive a car or shoot a gun I want to feel it not just act it out. So unless you got an awesome bass and surround sound Natal will never do it for me. The wands from PS3 if they have vibration will work somewhat but I still might prefer a controller. It's hard to say right now.

ico923157d ago

i sort of agree with you but what if they released a peripheral like the wii zapper?

ThanatosDMC3157d ago

Yeah, i dont wanna stand up.

kiljek3095d ago (Edited 3095d ago )

Hi Everyone

I'm the designer of this Playstation. I would like to clear things up as this article is not 100% correct. Here follow a general description of the project.

B Tech: Industrial design Blue Sky Project; the design of an interactive gaming system or gaming console of the future. Areas of exploration consisted of, branding, future trends, styles, technology, aesthetics, user interaction, graphics and layout.

The style and aesthetics of the product is based on Japanese and Buddhist Zen elements. The theme was strongly based on the Zen Buddhist symbol called Enso, which translates to “circle”; this symbol is used in calligraphy as a graphic representation of enlightenment. The shape, colour, and texture reflect the rocks that are typically used in Zen gardens. The cooling vents and graphics on the controllers are symbolic of the patterns that are created with sand in Zen gardens. Size was kept to a minimum to accommodate the idea of continuous development of smaller electronics in the electronics industry.

Technology and features:
Wireless connectivity to internet and networks, rechargeable battery, kinetic energy storage ability in controllers, 3D projector that projects 3D images into space between user and display device. Non slip handling ensured with grip rubber layer on underside of controllers. Circled channel on top of console emit blue light to indicate the status of the battery, when blue light fades to dark the console needs recharging. Power and eject buttons activated by touch sensitive technology.

Some of my other work can be viewed here: