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Submitted by user9422077 2270d ago | article

Will You Pay for Premium PSN?

Matt Banks says: "Since it's confirmed and I was debating this in my head this morning, I wanted to get all of your opinions on the matter. With a Premium PSN coming in 2010, will you pay for it? I fully understand that it will depends on what added benefit most people will get, but just remember that everything you have now on the PSN will continue to remain free, including online play.

Personally, I'm on the fence. I'm in the minority of vocal internet gamers who sees the value and benefit in Qore and don't mind paying for that every year. A lot of you disagree, and I respect your opinion. I'm sure I'll end up paying for it anyway just so I can tell you all about it, but if I wasn't in my current position, it's a tough call especially in this economy." (PS3)

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Raf1k1  +   2271d ago
Online gaming will likely stay free which is basically the only thing I need PSN for other than download demos or DLC once in a while. As long as I can continue to do that without a fee I will probably not bother with the premium service.

Sony will need something to entice people into paying for the service so I'm guessing cross game chat might be one of those things (though I'm hoping it isn't).

Beta keys to big games as part of the service would certainly get me interested in it and I'm actually quite anxious to see what Sony offers in return for our cash.
Guido  +   2270d ago
I would pay but only if it meant...
That we pay a set amount for a limited or unlimited number of downloadable content. If they say 20 bucks a month for all the movie downloads I want then yeah, that would be awesome. Same goes for PSN games. If they want a premium amount for unlimited DLC, now that would be awesome.
MAiKU  +   2270d ago
Premium probably coincides with rental offers, which in that case i will not use it.

BUT if premium offers better services then of course i'll do that.
deadreckoning666  +   2270d ago
If its an "all u can eat kinda thing" then yea. Id do it.
Sanzee  +   2270d ago
I told you PSN would eventually resort to Xbox Live tactics
HolyOrangeCows  +   2270d ago
I'll decide when they actually release some info on what it offers and what the cost is.
xGet_In_There  +   2270d ago
is it resorting to Live tactics? You pay to play online for Live, PSN is free. This is an option, something like having Playboy channel on satellite radio haha.
Blaze929  +   2270d ago
Will You Pay for Premium PSN?
Nah, forget all the other mumbo jumbo - what really matters is gaming online for free. Amirite? I mean, that's what everyone says about Xbox LIVE.

dead_eye  +   2270d ago
i'm sure i read something about paying for psn about a year and a half ago and i'm sure sony said that it would get you a bunch of downloads off the store (would have been just games then but could include videos now)
if it's something like this then i'd pay. or the quore thing
vhero  +   2270d ago
A stupid question as we really don't know what we are gonna get yet. Why don't we wait for content line up first yeah?
Saaking  +   2270d ago
If they offer some good stuff like instant access into betas, early demos, and maybe some other stuff I'll consider. As is, I'm very satisfied with PSN's free services.
Lifendz  +   2270d ago
Maybe I'll pay
maybe not. Great thing is I have that option. It's not forced on me to get online. So I might try it out, see how much I use the premium features, and go from there.

Heck, I'm trying Netflix now just cuz there isn't an initial fee acting as a barrier. All I have to pay is Netflix.

Honestly, I hear the Xbox guys go on and on about party chat and cross-game chat and I don't really get moved to have those features. So I guess we'll have to wait and see exactly what constitutes a premium account.

Either way, with MS making cash hand over fist with XBL fees, no one can say they didn't expect Sony to try to get in on that in some way or another.
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harv052  +   2270d ago
If it has anything to do with video stuff, I won't bother, as I will likely spend money for nothing. As I live in Canada, I don't have the PS Video Store, Netflix, I don't get jack sh*t!
presto717  +   2270d ago
I would not pay
short and simple. I'm all for free online gaming. That is all I need.
Anon1974  +   2270d ago
As long as the main, online gaming is free.
That's the main thing. I don't mind paying extra for features, but let's face it. The whole purpose of the PSN is to game online.

I felt with XBL, I couldn't care less about any of their additional features and I never used them. I never once used cross game chat, I tried the video service but it was no difference, and more expensive then the video-on-demand service my cable company offered, I don't care about Facebook or twitter. All I wanted to do was game online. Both services let me do that equally, one is free.

I subscribe to Qore right now and like it. If they role Qore into the premium package I'll probably be onboard. Otherwise, it depends on what the premium service offers. If it's just something lame that I'll never use like cross game chat, or exclusive demos I have no time to play, I'll pass.
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MGSR THE HD VERSION  +   2270d ago
"Will You Pay for Premium PSN?"

ps3 gamer- "no, because it won't out weigh what is given as free"

and so the service will fail.

and then maybe when sony has lost lots of money on trying this stolen idea they will steel an other one and add in online so the service can make back it's loses.
Lifendz  +   2270d ago
If the MGS Rising were PS3 exclusive would you have a picture of Raiden as your avatar?
Elvfam511  +   2270d ago
Wow xbox 360 fanboys are more stupid than I thought
Psn online will REMAIN FREE while there will be a OPTION for this PREMIUM service THAT WE DON'T KNOW NOTHING ABOUT

Hell it can be Qore or the Comic book subscriptions for all we know
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Noctis Aftermath  +   2270d ago
Well if i pay nothing for the great service i get from PSN now, is it not logical to expect that the premium service will be superior in just about every way?

I will be getting the premium service, i like to support companies that always strive to give the customer the best product available.
Redlogic  +   2270d ago
this is what i want it to be
I would be really excited if the PSN Premium turns out to be like a Sony Itunes. Premium gets you unlimited music download, movie rentals (like 5 movies a month, each one for 4 days only kinda thing). Plus a revamped Home and online play (even tho that is free) Id def sign up!
nycredude  +   2269d ago
If the content is worth it and the price is right, I'll pay for it. Also I would do it to support Sony so that they can make a profit and provided us with more and more great games in the future.
Joni-Ice  +   2270d ago
It depends on what they are offering.
No word has been made yet so only time will time.
DuneBuggy  +   2270d ago
Well thats really the best answer you can give, as no one knows what you get...and what you wont taking the free option.
I read the quote earlier about online gaming remaining free.But what if any kind of chat goes premium? What if they give you faster/better servers with premium?
They have to offer somthing enticing to make people want to pay.
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execution17  +   2270d ago
most likely early access to demos, possibly betas, premium themes, avatars, and possibly DLC thats free, otherwise having to pay if your not a premium member... thats what i think
Sangria  +   2270d ago
It depends of the content. I wont pay premium avatars or premium gamercard background, just like I don't pay for gamerpics on Xbox 360. Neither for premium themes and even less a Playstation Home subscription.

The online play will remain free but if you will have to pay for it, I will but like with Live, I only will because I'm forced to do so. If it's for a European Qore, I will subscribe within seconds, and if they make pay-to-play cross-game chat, I will eventually pay if my friends do (there's no sense paying for a chat if you have no one to talk with).

But once again, it depends of the service and its quality. It's not "I'm a Sony fanboy so they have my wallet".
castags  +   2270d ago
rumor has it......
For 10 bucks a month the ps3 will talk to you in a male or female voice and do thing to you. It will also watch your children and walk your dog.

But really folks, you know it's gonna be something great and i just hope i don't have to slap someone at sony if they charge for x-chat.
Raoh  +   2270d ago
There is no way to answer that without knowing what it is i'm paying for.

gaming will still be free so again its about what's being offered.
Why o why  +   2270d ago
You Win
Myst  +   2270d ago
I agree with what Raoh just stated.
Equinoxe_7  +   2270d ago
If it have good things to offer, things I like, yes.
doolindesperado  +   2270d ago
Hey, as long as I get my free online play and free access to the Playstation store, I could care less.
PantherDST  +   2270d ago
Qore and more?
I paid for yearly subscription for Qore. So I guess if they add up a bunch of additional stuff like Qore, I'd probably pay something. How much I am willing to pay will depend on what they have to offer. for example if I had to pay to use HOME I would decline...
Vitalogy  +   2270d ago
If sony isn't delivering now what make you think they will when you're paying? Millions of items are being sold on Playstaion Home and what big improves or anything are they making in it? NONE! Still, and will always be, beta 'till the end of its days.

So, thanks but no thanks, won't pay any premium service from sony, they already show consumers that they don't have any respect for us.
dead_eye  +   2270d ago
you are right sir but only cos home is always growing and changing so will always be a beta.
crs353  +   2270d ago
i would if they are offering something i like in the prium accounts
dorron  +   2270d ago
I gotta hear about the price and the offering but my guess right now is I won't be a premium subscriber...
LeonSKennedy4Life  +   2270d ago
ReBurn  +   2270d ago
I doubt that I would pay for a premium service. If I can get the level that I'm getting right now for free I don't see any reason for it.
Bgibbs  +   2270d ago
Absolutely not, one of the main reasons i chose PS3 was free online
Pennywise  +   2270d ago
Can't wait to see what the offerings are. People are jumping to conclusions. If Sony offer a monthly for video rentals, that will be nice. If they offer a yearly pass for X amount of PSN game downloads per month, count me in... If this pass has anything to do with X-Game chat or Demos... BAD SONY.
Shaka2K6  +   2270d ago
Never! only idiots would pay for something that should be free.
Risky_24  +   2270d ago
I think you mean only people who can aford to or don't mind. I aint cheap and I would if I had to. Don't make yourself out to be an ass.
IRetrouk  +   2270d ago
everything you get now is free, what they are talking about is paying some sort of subscription for extra stuff witch is no bad thing, i pay for live but the same services on psn are free.
spiky1228  +   2270d ago
I am EXCITED !!!
I think its a neat idea to have a subscription based service. You still get to play online for free and thats going to stay confirme by KAZ.

I am just excited what OTHER services. I hope they don't take out the stuff that is free for now and simply add NEW services for the subscription. If its free downloand on movies and other contents, then I am willing to pay $59.99 per year. I am a QORE subscriber by the way and I think its worth it.
hoops  +   2270d ago
You would pay that much because it's Sony service????
Thats even more then XBL
Nuclearwinter  +   2270d ago
depending on what is included and considered premium I would not be opposed to paying for it. Seeing as how PSN the way it is now will be free I am interested to see what it is they will be offering and how much it will cost.
A LIVING LEGEND  +   2270d ago
Give them X-game chat and charge 50$ a year for it so that we may move on with our lives.
Ali_The_Brit_Bot  +   2270d ago
I would pay for it. I love playstation.
ViciousBoston  +   2270d ago
great ideas would be:

1) Unlimited Rentals from PSN store.
2) Game Rentals for PSN/PS3 games (1 PSN 1 PS3 a month, rented for 7 days each.)
3)Cross game voice chat.
4)Cross Game Party invites.
5)Free DLC for your registered games(Aside Rockband/GH probably like 1 pack a month).
6)Application Store for stuff like Mozilla/AIM and homebrew apps.
7)Included Qore membership.
8)1/5th off digital downloads on PSP/PSN games.
9)Day-to-Day PSN Updates as opposed to once a week.
10)PS2 Emulation???(just added this in to make an even 10)

I personally think this is a great idea for like 25 dollars a year.
shlinka  +   2270d ago
It amazes me how Sony Fanboys can do nothing, but bash Microsoft for having to pay for a Gold Xbox live account, but as soon as Sony says they will have a paid subscription everyone has money ready. Number one if you can only have cross game chat and other good stuff that xbox uses by way of a fee, then it is no better than xbox live. Number two they will not give free movie rentals. No service will do that. Netflix is only included because you pay netflix a fee. Number three with all the other stuff people are requesting, $25 a year is a joke. It will be $50 or higher guaranteed.
HDgamer  +   2270d ago
Lol then what is there? They already said they will keep PSN free it's just extra stuff that will be paid for so it must be a long the lines of movie rentals/game rentals. Otherwise your broken logic is delusional.
Somnipotent  +   2270d ago
i will pay for a rental subscription akin to netflix, esp since the psn video store has a much better selection on demand than netflix does. the difference btwn psn and xbl is we get to play online for free without the yearly $50... it's not a matter about wanting to pay for online, but from what i can assume, it's gonna be a value-added model, not pay for things you should get for free, ie. online play, social networking, etc.
Elvfam511  +   2270d ago
Will not pay for those
3)Cross game voice chat.
4)Cross Game Party invites.
masterhien   2270d ago | Spam
HungPHAT  +   2270d ago
I would if it has crystal clear voice chat , party chat , invite/join game through XMB and yes I would in a heart beat .....
MWong  +   2270d ago
I think they are going to be adding a lot of features like that.

I'll wait and see what will be offered with the Premium PSN, then I'll decide.
Pirateogta  +   2270d ago
Well, it looks like people can't complain about Xbox LIVE fees anymore or use them as an argument against the Xbox 360. Now the PS3 will have both a free and a premium online service, just like the 360's respective Xbox LIVE Silver and Gold.
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cereal_killa  +   2270d ago
Only PSN users still get to play online games for free something your silver members don't.
cyborg6971  +   2270d ago
Your such a butt pirate.
ambientFLIER  +   2270d ago
Silver members can play Halo 3, Lost Planet, and Shadowrun online, among a few other games.
ambientFLIER  +   2270d ago
Lol at the disagrees. It's so sad when people disagree with facts just to spite the person.

Disagree if you agree!
Karum  +   2270d ago
It all depends what they offer
In terms of these premium services and content.

If it's something I deem worth paying for then sure, if not then at least I can play online and do everything else I can now for free.

Either way I'm not bothered although I do hope they offer something good that is worth paying for.
bigrudowsky  +   2270d ago
all depends on the price and the advantages for me. I am perfectly content with how the service is right now except for the lack of crossgamechat and crossgame invites either way its all good and am looking forward to their offerings.
Karum  +   2270d ago
The two things I'd most like is the ability to have cross game invites from the in game XMB and universal custom soundtracks. Cross game chat would be nice too but I'd hope these things would be firmware updates that can be used for free by everyone.

I'm like you though, looking forward to seeing what they offer.
Azerach  +   2270d ago
If the premium PSN means early access to all betas without preorder nonsense etc. im all up for it.
Relientk77  +   2270d ago
No... I will never pay for online

thats why I don't have an 360, or pay for online pc games (WoW for example)

online should be free Sony and Nintendo have the right idea
beavis4play  +   2270d ago
im with you buddy! have a bubble.....they're FREE!
there is no way in hell i'd pay extra for anything......i paid for the console.......i pay for the games.......and i pay for any downloadable games i buy.
BUT, there is nothing they could offer that i'd pay a subscription for.
arabiensoldier  +   2270d ago
I would....
if it was something really good, I'm paying 4 Qore rite now and i believe its worth the money so this maybe is 2.
turtiturt  +   2270d ago
Think about it
Kazzy has already confirmed that online will remain free, and he also said they are just looking into new ways to increase the demand of PSN

Everyone who says that x game chat and x game invites etc etc may become premium, think about it, that would be stupid, it would defeat the point, e.g I go to x game chat to some of my mates and none of them have paid the subscription, would be completely useless.

I just hope sony stick to what they have atm and keep updating everything for free, hopefully these new subscriptions are just things like video store etc, anything else would just destroy what they have now
sam2236  +   2270d ago
If I have to pay to download the newest demos then no. I hope to God it doesn't end up like Xbox Live.
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