Gamingbolt: God of War Collection Review

GB writes: "God of War Collection is the best $40 you can spend on a game. You get two fantastic games that hold up better today than most new releases.

* The Good: Improved visuals. Excellent gameplay. Epic Boss battles. Solid 60 frames per second. Includes God of War III demo. Each game includes its own trophy list with the almighty platinum.
* The Bad: In engine cut scenes are still rendered at 480i. Updated graphics and trophies may not be worth upgrading for people who own a PS2 and these games or those who have a PS3 with backwards compatibility."

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gameseveryday3158d ago

This is truly amazing. Two games in one and the amazing gow3 demo included. This doesn't get any better than this.

williamkenny3158d ago

The last 2 GoW games were amazing, and they do truly look stunning in HD. Only problem is, I think it's a little cheap to resell the same game again.

ThatArtGuy3158d ago

No Greatest Hits for you then.

Dan GamingBolt3158d ago

its a must buy for those who never played neither

williamkenny3158d ago

What if you have played both? Still worth getting?

Dan GamingBolt3158d ago

if your a die hard fan like me than yes, to be honest im not getting for the simple fact that i can't buy it =)

raztad3158d ago

It seems the experience is much smoother now the games are running at 60fps, not to mention the better visuals. I'll get them when GoW3 is much closer, that way I can refresh the whole story arc.

bjornbear3158d ago

i never owned either, and only ever played GOW II a long time a go (when released i borrowed it)

never having played GOW I and absolutly adoring GoW II (i prefer it to DMC, and I'm a big DMC1 fan) and definatly considering getting GOWIII, I CRAVE this more than even those that never played a GOW game

raztad3158d ago


I'm a big DMC fan, but GoW is the definition of epic. The game is so badass, it got a feel you cant find anywhere else. DMC has a deeper combo system but GoW's is good enough to get the work done and have you immersed in this amazing story.

nycredude3158d ago

I have played both and I bought these anyway. I must say except for certain in game cutscenes, both games look fantastic! you can really notice a huge difference! There parts in both games where you kind of forget this is a last gen game it's that good. These two games hold up well and imo are better than 80% of this gen games.

Even if you have played them alread on the Ps2 this is well worth it. These games don't age at all, and in 60fps it's rad!

moparful993157d ago

I've owned gow 1 twice. First copy was stolen second I still own and play on my ps3.. I had II but it was stolen along with the first. I havent repurchased.. I was like a school girl at a jonas brothers concert when I heard about the gow collection.. If you are a gow fan then you owe it too yourself to buy this game... No excuses.. Now I have too suffer the long wait too march...

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gameseveryday3158d ago

I guess it will be worth getting it. Since it contains one of the best games on the PS2 and that too in HD!

williamkenny3158d ago

It might be worth it for the GoW3 demo alone. That game will be epic

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The story is too old to be commented.