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PlayStation LifeStyle writes,

"Creature Defense is a tower defense game with card game mechanics. Developed by Hudson Entertainment, a subsidiary of Hudson Soft, the game attempts to wrap this odd concoction into an intriguing title. Is the fusion successful, or are some things better left undone?"

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Trexman893070d ago

you can never get enough tower defense games.

decimalator3070d ago

that's not entirely true. I don't want to ever see a Mario tower defense game. Or a Master Chief tower defense game. Or a Final Fantasy tower defense game... oh wait...

Sev3069d ago

I am not much of a tower defense guy. The only one I've actually enjoyed was Pixeljunk Monsters.

dopeboimagic923070d ago

I think I'll stick with PixelJunk Monsters

DoucheVader3070d ago

Seems like an odd mix but hey it could work. I know I am not big on card games but I do like me some tower defense!

DJ3069d ago

Good score, so I guess it's worth a shot.