PS3 vs Xbox 360 Review Score Comparison

Does the PS3 really have bad games?

The results... Xbox 360 has 7.8 times as many 8/10 games exclusive to their console.

There's a long way to go, but for now, the claim that PS3 doesn't have many good games, is true.

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Robotz Rule4188d ago

The PS3 will get more games.

No need to worry present/future PS3 owners:)

I'm not worried,Heavenly Sword,Lair,Warhawk,Uncharted:) etc.

Even though I'll be EXTREMELY BROKE after that period of time:)

InMyOpinion4188d ago

Go stand in the corner and stay there until Sony says it's ok to come out...

caffman4187d ago

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gta_cb4187d ago

yeh the PS3 will get games, but with them talking about exclusive ones i can only see them pulling out infront of MS/Xbox 360 when the install base is much higher, and they get to know the cell processor alot better, and i cant see this happening untill late 2009, especially soon as though games like Killzone 2 have been in development for 2 years already.

dissectionalrr4187d ago

not unless people start buying the console to entice developers to make them. i honestly don't think sony (or microsoft for that matter) will have ANY 3rd party exclusives this round. it just doesn't make financial sense for publishers. without big 3rd party exclusives (and no, ff and mgs aren't enough), the ps3 is just a more-expensive 360 with a movie player noone wants.

FadedDRFT4187d ago

Of course the ps3 will get games, it hasnt even been out a year. Developers are just getting to grips with how powerful the damn thing is. This year is for the 360 (alot of great games). Next year we should see the ps3 in all its glory (hopefully). If you dont agree 'fair enough' but any gamer could see this happening.

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consolecrusader4188d ago

Yeah lets compare who has more games with 2 consoles who came out a year apart.


The BS Police4188d ago

than when all the PS2 games got compared to all the Xbox 1 games.

BIadestarX4188d ago

Hehe.. on the source site someone ask the very same question you ask (PS3 fans think alike).... and someone reply...
"Well, they're always going to be a year apart. When do you suggest we compare them?" so true... I just realised you always going to have the same excuse...

Bathyj4188d ago

Bladestar, its abit like a 30 year old dating an 18 year old saying when I'm 90 she'll be 78 and the age difference wont be as big. You're right theres always going to be the 1 year difference but perhaps comparing when PS3 is 2 and Xbox is 3 would be a little fairer than comparing in the first 6 months. PS3 needs games badly but Xbox has hardly released anything good this year as well. (We dont have Forza yet).

Just my 2 cents kids, I dont want to lose bubbles over it.

PS. Speaking of Forza, has anyone got it? Can you change the control layout?

WafflesID4188d ago

You do realize THAT is why microsoft pushed so hard to get the 360 out then right? I mean...seriously...that is PART OF THEIR STRATEGY. Comon. Of COURSE you are supposed to compare who has more games right now. WHY ELSE RELEASE A SYSTEM A YEAR IN ADVANCE? Sony knew about this situation coming in.

That said...A year from now the PS3 should have as many good games as the 360 does now. The question being will they be good enough to make up the difference for the games the 360 will have by then. I'm personally thinking the difference won't be nearly as noticable by then and they will be on more equal footing. And we'll get a better idea what the ps3 is all about by then.

grunt3604188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )


Have you actually been alive this year until now? Lots of good games have been released! Crackdown, Lost Planet, and loads more XBLArcade titles.

And, there were more exclusive games out for the 360 which recieved high scores, at the time of it's launch. We have only seen Resistance and Motorstorm at the moment which have actually recieved high scores in their reviews.

And the Xbox has always had the best games anyway.

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Expy4188d ago

Not many of the XBOX360 titles had any competition to be compared to while reviewing the games. A lot of the Playstation 3 "ports" suffer from the comparison to the 360 since, obviously Playstation 3 ports have been lack-luster.

Wait until the end of this year and compare again. Oh, and take the games LESS than 8 into account, you'll be surprised.

BubblesDAVERAGE4188d ago (Edited 4188d ago )

WAT OTHER GAME THAT IS OUT THAT IS GOOD ON XBOX...PLZ SPARE ME THE FANBOYISM...THATS IT....YOU GUYS ARE W8ing for games just like ps3 owners..wheres halo..too human..masseffect...plz guys stop being fanboys just admit both there first years suck and they both will have killer year twos...360 is great and ps3 is great cant we agree on that and say the Wii sucks..WHY CANT IT DO HD.... we have ps360 love...Lets bust the chops of nintendo fanboys on here which dont exist apparently at least not on here..Or agree to disagree

alsef074188d ago

I agree with someone with a PS3 logo, thats true, both systems are great, and yea screw the! :)

FadeToBlack4188d ago

Lets join forces and defeat the real threat to the advancement of technology.....the Nintendo Wii! All the 360 fans and PS3 fans are at each others throats while the last gen Nintendo Wii is selling out and nobody is noticing. Join forces and defeat this threat to HD capable graphics and performance!!!!

AbyssGravelord4187d ago

Yea I agree dude Ill stop flaming and join forces as well.

My best friends a PS3 fanboy and im a 360 fanboy and were cool with it ill do the same thing on this site. PS360!!!

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chitown4188d ago

yea i think this is the most worthless piece of garbage i heard all day. why approve this sh!T??? everybody knows that the ps3 has way less games and has only been out for like what is it now 7-8 months