Visceral weighs in on graphics vs 60fps debate

Dante's Inferno developer Visceral Games has weighed in on the graphics versus framerate debate, saying it "can't decouple the two".

Speaking to, Dante's Inferno executive producer Jonathan Knight said a high framerate and great graphics go hand in hand.

"They're [Insomniac Games] basically making the argument that people care more about graphics than framerate. But I can't decouple the two.

"For our game, we're getting high marks for graphics. People come up and they look at the game and they play the game and they're like, wow, this game is beautiful. It looks great. A lot of what they're responding to is the framerate, because it is so smooth and it's so engaging and it's mesmerising because of the smoothness of it.

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ape0073189d ago

anamazing combination of great gfx(not the best) and 60 fps

way to go IW,I hope you guys keep this strategy in your new engines

it's a magical experience

Darkeyes3189d ago

Sadly, you have to sacrifice one for the other if you want to excel in either of the department. The only 2 games that I feel seem to defy these laws are GT5 and GOW3 (Both are expected to run at 60FPS and 1080P). But apart from that most of the best looking games run at 30FPS.... Best examples are Uncharted 2 and KZ2, both at 30FPS.

For some reason, if a game is vsynced and locked at 30FPS, then I don't mind it as it seems smooth enough, but for hack and slash games 60FPS is a must as there is a lot of button mashing required. Anyways, can't wait to see what Insomniac have for us as I expect them to push the graphics of R3 now that it's 30FPS.

ape0073189d ago

run at 60 fps,that will be a bomb

omg 2010 looks amazing,I can't believe how amazing 2009 is,let alone 2010

and I can't wait to see Resistance 3 and gears of war 3

Elaine Benes3189d ago

The Divine Comedy is one f*cked up story. Read it. Its chilling.

Second: 60fps makes some games look better than they are. :) I would rather have a smooth, good looking game---than a game that only looks good standing still.

presto7173189d ago

Give me good graphics anyday.

Anon19743189d ago

But therein lies the catch. "With Motion Blur"
Few games use blurring effects and so we tend to notice when the fps dips. No one ever looks at a movie running at 24 fps and thinks, omg, the frame rate is terrible. I'm surprised blur isn't used more often as a way of being less demanding on the hardware but still having a game run smoothly. Or, perhaps, motion blur itself is just as taxing on hardware. I have to admit, I really don't know.

raztad3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

It all boils down to how fast the game is. If gameplay is slow paced, 60fps is absolutely unnecessary. Most adventure games, third person shooters, RPGS, platformers, can be played silky smooth at 30fps. The same cant be said for hack and slash, some twitchy FPS or racing games. However is in racing games where is critical to have 60fps locked, other supposedly "60fps" games get away with a variable framerate up to 60fps and nobody notice it.

ambientFLIER3189d ago

Ape, you're absolutely right. Modern Warfare 2 has good graphics, but the fluid frame rate makes it seem much better.

Saaking3189d ago

PS3 owners can have both.

specialguest3189d ago

The one main thing I miss about PC gaming back when I use to play games on PC. 60fps is like a norm for most PC gamers and it's noticeable when downgrading to a 30fps.

ABizzel13189d ago

Honestly it depends on the type of game.

I think fighting games, action games (like God of War), and sports games should be 60 fps standard.

While everything else is debatable.

AKNAA3188d ago

wait, what?! R3 was 60fps??? weird, I got the impression that it was only 30fps when I was playing it the whole time?!... MW1-2 on the otherhand is very easy to tell that its 60fps, very smooth...

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Pandamobile3189d ago

Another reason why I'm glad I'm a PC gamer. It's my choice, not the developer's choice on my graphics level and frame rate.

Darkfocus3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

ya whenever I go from playing a PC game to a console the frame rates jarring because on PC it's so amazingly smooth not to mention I love the Superior Image quality compared to Consoles the pictures just so clear and smooth. Even if the game has the same textures as the console version the image quality makes it look much better.

hoops3189d ago

People saying they can't tell the difference between 30fps or 60fps are kidding themselves.
Play Fallout 3 on the consoles then play it on the PC. Play ANY FPS game on the PC at 60fps then on a console at 30fps and you will see the difference right away

dgroundwater3189d ago (Edited 3189d ago )

True that. I'm always impressed to see the PC versions of console games (Batman AA, Mirror's Edge) on my friend's PC because of how smooth and crisp it all is.

The only downside is that any HDTV nowadays wipes the floor with any TN panel 199.99 PC monitor. The colour detail and black levels on monitors pale in comparison to a recent TV panel.

TheIneffableBob3189d ago

Well, considering HDTVs cost a couple times more than $199.99, you'd expect better quality. :P

Darkfocus3189d ago

you know you can hook your PC up to those HDTVs right dgroundwater?

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Jamescagney3189d ago

Framerate is important, you do notice the difference between 30fps and 60fps, no matter what some people may say.

kaveti66163189d ago

What if some people's eyes don't naturally refresh quick enough to distinguish between 30fps and 60fps. I don't think they're kidding themselves. I could tell the difference sometimes but other times I cannot. For example, the smoothness that I felt when playing a 60fps game was once mimicked momentarily for me while I was playing Metal Gear Solid 4, which runs at 30 fps. So, maybe it depends on something else that makes it smooth.

TheIneffableBob3189d ago

The majority of people in the world can distinguish up to at least 60 FPS, and that is a fact.

Movies, despite running at 24 FPS, appear smooth because of natural motion blur. Most games nowadays use motion blur, but the implementation isn't entirely realistic yet. Crysis has the best motion blur I've seen so far, making motion seem smooth despite frame rate being fairly low.

kaveti66163189d ago


Fact? Opinion? You decide, on the next episode of N4G.

specialguest3189d ago

The reason why was because MGS4 actually fluctuates between 30fps and 60fps.

Gago3188d ago


LOL if you can't tell the difference then you need to see a eye doctor

kaveti66163188d ago

I can usually tell the difference based on what you guys terms as smoothness. Nevertheless, being able to distinguish it is a characteristic that I feel some people do not possess. I don't really need to get my eyes checked, you just need to read my comments more carefully.

Nihilism3188d ago

I read a while ago that a U.S miltary study done suggested that the human eye can detect up to 220 frames a second, anything over (500fps) they couldn't tell the difference. I believe it, I plan to get a 120hz monitor next ( and not one of those cheap ass hdtv's where they double the same frame to make it appear smooth, when it's really still 60hz, even 240hz tv's do the same, display the same frame 4 times to make it appear smooth) LIARS!

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hoops3189d ago

These consoles Sweet spot is 720p at 30fps. All the graphical impressive games on these consoles run at 30fps.

rob60213189d ago

Well he's multi-platform so he won't get to leverage blu-ray, and not have the luxury to do a 30fps game with high res textures; so he'd definitely argue 60fps being the better option of the two. You run out of disk space if you try to do a (full) game that's good looking at 30 fps with only 6.5gb to use.

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