Miyamoto Responds To Rival Motion Controllers

Nintendo legend believes development of PS3 and 360's new controllers could threaten industry's 'uniqueness'

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ape0073100d ago

the legendary developer is NOW worried about gimmicks to beat their gimmicks

what a shame

EvilTwin3100d ago

"Waggle" is certainly a gimmick. Well done motion controls or a good IR/pointer scheme aren't. They are no more gimmicks than dual analog or shoulder buttons are. IMO, of course.

ape0073100d ago

don't get me wrong,wii controls prove to have some unique gaming experience that is simply couldn't done without it,some wii game have amazing control

I was meaning the huge amount of crap after crap

crap crap

EvilTwin3100d ago

Yeah, there's been a ton of shovelware and outright junk on Wii. And for the most part, that's on third parties (although Wii Music is...well, Wii Music).

Hopefully that changes with FF:CC, SH: Shattered Memories, MH Tri, RS2, NMH2, etc. This next bunch of releases could be the Wii's golden age (combined with Other M, SMG2, Retro's secret project and the next Zelda). It's just a shame it's taken this long.

Anon19743100d ago

For almost a year the 360 has been the cheapest console on the market and it wasn't able to make a dent against the Wii. An expensive motion add on isn't going to suddenly lure potential Wii owners to the 360. And let's be frank, we're talking about Microsoft trying to lure potential Wii owners. Natal isn't targeting the traditional gamers who already have a 360, Sony and Microsoft's motion control is aimed squarely at the non-gamer, trying to lure casuals over to their side.

I can't see either new motion control having much of an impact, despite the way the press has been gushing about Natal for this past year.

THE MAX SPEED 213100d ago

its not as if he was going to say the oppsite you know...

IdleLeeSiuLung3100d ago

Why single out MS?

I mean after all the PS3 whom is more expensive than the Wii is basically copying the Wii Motion Plus, but now requires a camera in addition to the wand.

If anything, Natal at least brings something different to the table rather than the "me too" approach of Sony this entire console generation.

I think Natal has a fighting chance based on the media reception so far.

THE MAX SPEED 213100d ago

Darkride666 always singles out X360 and goes in the hardest on them because he's a sony fanboy.

insomnium3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Wow how many odd thing you spew. Sony playing "me too" with PS3? What about 1080p? HDMI-port? Avatars? Lips? Scene it? MGS? FF13? GTA 4 DLC?

It seems to me the X360 has been copying (trying) the PS2s success AND Wiis success. All MS has polished this generation is xbl and even that wasn't THEIR idea to come up with (Dreamcast).

If you didn't know Sony has been involved with motion technology way before Nintendo brought the Wii to the table.

Please consider before posting such odd things.

lowcarb3100d ago

I love how in the Sony fanboy mind Natal is nothing more than a Wii rip off or Eyetoy wanna be even after it's warm reception. Sony has been mimicking everything 360 this gen and now Wii which is nothing to brag about. Natal is the only device that has potential to rival Wii motion controls and will be proven very soon.

IdleLeeSiuLung3100d ago

No company is immune to copying somebody elses idea. In fact, I would argue it would be stupid not to copy a great idea and hopefully improve on it.

However, the fact of the matter is that when I think of great things this gaming generation, I can't think of a single thing Sony has done.

If I think of great ideas executed well brought to this console generation then:

a) Nintendo has motion control
b) Microsoft has Xbox Live and hopefully Natal
c) Sony has ....?

One can argue that Sony has great exclusives and that deserves praise, but beyond that there is nothing worth mentioning.

mastiffchild3100d ago

Oh Locarb don't be silly. they ALL rip each others ideas off and the only area where Sony mimic MS is in trying to provide the same features Live has while giving PSN for free. MS copied loads of stuff from Sony and Ninty this gen too-Avatars-Miis, Lips-Singstar, You're in the..and so on. The fact that both Sony are moving towards motion controls IS another copy after Wii's success and pretending MS are some kind of bastion of invention while everyone else just says "me too!2 is so deluded it's amazing to read.

I didn't see Sony rushing to copy MS in buying up former MS exclusives this gen or closing down studios rather than investing in them and their games(which Sony, to their eternal credit have done consistently and not spent their cash on trying to break Japan with timed exclusive JRPG titles)it's easy to make arguments about who is and isn't being original this gen as the merry go round has seen all three get on and have a shot at doing what the other guy has already done. Honestly, don't be so one eyes-it isn't even as if Darkride singled MS out anyway and he said both would prolly fail in the Wii orientated aims. Personally I'm not condemning Natal or the Wands(though if Sony stick with using a DS3 in one hand as the analogue answer and Natal doesn't have somekind of nunchuck I struggle to see quite how we get around large game worlds and both might struggle)as we haven't had our hands on them or seen ANY real games for them yet that looked remotely interesting. PS2 DID begin the motion based gaming thing for consoles though-it just did-so Sony could argue they tried it all first but, sadly, they just missed out on how to make it work.

So can we stop pretending that any company is more original than the other when they all copy anythng that works for the other guy and always have right back to SNES and Mega Drive. Sheesh. Meet Mario! Hah, I'll raise you one Sonic!

BabyStomper50003100d ago

a) Nintendo has motion control
b) Microsoft has Xbox Live and hopefully Natal
c) Sony (also) has motion control and free online play.

By motion control I'm referring to the SixAxis NOT the wand thing they've showed demos for. Just because it doesn't control the same way the Wii does, doesn't mean they don't have it. Play FLoWER, it's amazing.

n4f3100d ago

oh yeah sony has motion before nintendo.... are you saying way beforekirby tilt and tumble or way before the power glove?

Anon19743100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

I can only assume that IdleLeeSiuLung and THE MAX SPEED 21 can't read.

IdleLeeSiuLung said "Why single out MS? I mean after all the PS3 blah blah blah"

Go back and read my comment again.


Now don't you feel like you should read a comment before you offer up your opinion of that comment? I clearly state I'm skeptical about the PS3's motion control as well. I swear, some of you fanboys...

ZoidsRaven3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

It's funny how an article about Miyamoto talking about the other console's motion controls can go from that, to an argument about the Wii's games, someone calling darkride a Sony fanboy (not that I care if they are one or not) and just down right Wii bashing.
Can someone tell me WTF all of that had to do with the article? 7_7
If you're gunna eat up flame bait, don't do it without the fork. ;p

@Ape: No console is a gimmick, nor is it not. You go all over this site doing Wii bashing, but did you ever (and I mean ever) know that that's just your opinion? I wouldn't bet on it.

Shame, I remember when real gamers didn't b!tch about which console was better.

Back then....... When it was all about the games.
But then, a ugly little thing[s] called fanboyism/graphics-hounds showed their facese. Now all gaming is about is "Oh-OH-OOOHH, THIS CONSOLE SUCKS!", "WHICH IS TEH BETTA CONSOLE!?", "NO DLC/WI-FI? THIS GAME SUCKS!".

I mostly find gamers of today to be too offensive, greedy and hideous little creatures who prove (in good time) that this is their first gen in gaming.
We (gamers) are the ones changing, not gaming.

Disagree? fine, I'm cool with it.
BUT, I want you guys to think on my last points before you agree or disagree.

1) Would last-gen gamers call a old-school zapper's (you know, the ones in arcades) motion controls "gimmicky" or "waggle"? Hell no.
So why do these "old-school gamers" say this about the wii?

You know, the wii has a lot of arcade-like shooters. 7_7

2) Back in the day of gaming, no one (and I mean no one) would have asked when the next consoles are coming out before the console they have is not even three years old.
True, right?
So why is it, that you can still find videos (on youtube) about the "PS4", "Wii 2" and "XBox720" that date back to June 2008?

What does my post have to do with this article?
hmm IDK, what does the wii's "shovelware" have to do with this article?

My post is kinda a cameo/reply to some of the points in the posts on this article.

Good Night. 7_7

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LastPlaceConsole3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Yeah Nintendo already won and captured most of the casual gamers

EDIT: @ape007

yeah i think that too

but Soccer moms and little kids don't think so

i like HD console more

ape0073100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

sucks,plain and simple

coming from a snes\n64 fanboy

Guido3100d ago

And will admit that the Wii is a joke compared to that but in the end, what sells is what makes money and money makes companies happy. Expect another Wii like console from Ninty next gen as this one has sold like hotcakes.

ape0073100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

wii to bearly compete with 360\ps3 gfx while ps4 and 720 are unleashing their power

nintendo will not change this strategy,it's the key of their success,weak console=low price=affordable to non-gamers and it's on

thank god I have ps3 and 360

I think my wii has done a new record for the most untouched console ever,I hope new mario bros break wii's undefeated dust collecting streak lol

LittleBigSackBoy3100d ago

The Wii may suck but it's games don't. Excluding the shovelware anyway.

Guido3100d ago

Having owned a Wii and seen even the meta scores of all Wii games, there are only a few gems amidst the sheer massive number of shovelware games. IMHO, the few gems available are not worth the entry price of the Wii itself. I love games but have often wondered why the heck I even bought the Wii.

Fierce Musashi3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

Just look foward to the future games and your question will be answered.

Two disagrees in under 3 mins? Lolwut? That was fast. <_<

@RealityCheck: They are EXPANDING their market audience, not sticking to a new one. They are still making quality/core games for the gamer. Remember, they wanted the Wii to be "everyone's" console, not the "casual's" console.

If they didn't, they wouldn't have put so much quality in their first party titles as well as trust Team Ninja to work on one. The problem is, third parties weren't doig the same until now. Shame that.

mint royale3100d ago

The ps2 had loads of shovelware too. Its what comes with being market leader.

RealityCheck3100d ago

@ 2.3 I mostly agree about the Wii. Last generation my Gamecube got the least playtime of all 3 consoles but I played it enough to be worth the purchase.

However the Wii, once the novelty wore off (which was pretty quickly), has been played very little; so little in fact that overall it wasn't worth the purchase.

In fact next generation, I might not get the Nintendo console for the first time in years. They have chosen their market (kids, seniors, casuals) and I'm just not part of it.

EvilTwin3100d ago

mint royale -- Yep. People forget how much utter crap was on the PS2.

However, it did get better overall third-party support. I don't think that's arguable.

What IS stupid are the people moaning about third-party shovelware as if it's Nintendo's fault. They're busy with their own games, folks. Why no one seems to want to hold third parties accountable for their own games...that baffles me.

Whoever is on top of the heap seems to get the most hate. Comes with the territory.

Guido3100d ago

Right, I think I was told that last year... Sorry, but I am not holding my breath.

mastiffchild3100d ago

Wviltwin-I agree that there have been some great Wii games but just blaming the paucity of great third party games on the third pary devs isn't fair and Ninty must shoulder half the blame. The lack of demos for mature Wii games drastically affects their sales when a large number of Wii gamers aren't into reading about what's coming up or wouldn't know one genre from the other if they did! Madworld, Conduit, NMH, DeBlob, Zack and Wiki-all great thrid party games that struggled without a brand name or Ninty's help in the form of proper promotion on the Nintendo or shopping channel.

Ninty have NEVER known how to embrace the third parties of their world(right back to losing Square over sticking with carts while shafting Sony over the CD add on-maddive misatake that was!)and that's why we're partly stuck with so many crappy partyu games from3rd party devs-though what EA thought Extraction would sell with zero advertising is beyond me and to then blame gamers for recognising rail shooters have no value was incredibly arrogant! Whatever, blame thirs parties , sure, but put some of it Ninty's way too for their lack of support-for whatever reason. Maybe they don't get what third pary devs need or just like being the best maker of games for their own platform a little too much but it needs to stop for all our sakes and Ninty need to embrace outside help and aid it along too if they want to keep the gamers they have. MS and Sony are both aiming for the Wii market and Wii needs a weapon or two to attack the core market of the PS360 AND educate and kep it's own new gamers as they start wanting more than party gaming as it's inevitable this will happen. We were ALL casual about gaming at one point you realise.

EvilTwin3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

mastiff -- I just don't think demos sell THAT many games, man. There's only so much the hardware manufacturer can do. I don't know where this idea came from that all marketing comes from the company that makes the console. That's rubbish. That's what publishers are for. Does anyone think Sony or Microsoft were eating the costs for Modern Warfare 2's TV blitz? What, Activision puts its name on the box and leaves it at that?

The Conduit and MadWorld both got TV advertising from Sega. Does anyone think Nintendo hosting some expo booth or putting a demo online would've done much for either game? I really doubt it. Nintendo even hyped TCon at E3! The game was simply a new IP that, all things considered, looked generic (and was...and I say that as someone who loves the game very much).
MadWorld? Niche. A hyper-violent, six-hour long, old school beat 'em up in black and white. That game was just never destined for huge sales.

A game like NMH is also niche. It just got a cult following and sold on word of mouth. 400,000 to 500,000 is quite an achievement for that game. It beats the hell out of Suda's other games like Killer 7. It turned a profit and got a sequel.

Then there's stuff like Extraction. It's not like Dead Space did GTA numbers on the HD consoles. It's a fairly new IP. There are already rail shooters with Resident Evil and HotD, established franchises in the field. And no one wanted the game on rails to begin with. No amount of marketing was gonna make "core gamers" buy that game.

No one blamed Sony for Psychonauts not being a blockbuster.
Or Okami.
Or Metal Arms.
Or Ico.
Or Killer 7.
The list goes on and on.

I'm absolutely all for holding Nintendo accountable for their really bad decisions. I mean, their online has been ATROCIOUS. It is a supreme embarrassment that COD:MWR (a port done in 10 months by 30 people) completely walks over any first-party Nintendo online offering. It boggles my mind.

They may make a big mistake with Zelda and hold it off until 2011 to launch with another console, instead of giving us a great game when it's actually ready (it makes business sense, but as a gamer it makes my blood boil).

But it's not their fault that other developers are so, so, so, so lazy. The Wii is nothing more than a souped-up Gamecube. Developers knew how to push that tech YEARS ago. But instead of building games for the system (which is much cheaper and faster than building for the HD consoles), they're rushing shoddy shovelware or porting down games instead of building from the ground-up. Nintendo can't make these developers put in effort. They have to want to support the console. By and large, we haven't seen it.

Things are changing somewhat with NMH2, RS2, Tri, FF:CC, SH, etc.

But if Ubi doesn't even bother to push RS2 (after spending a good amount of time developing it), what is Nintendo supposed to do? Do the marketing for them and buy all of the advertisement space? Or are they going to be busy pushing their own games (SMG2, Other M, etc.)? You already know the answer to that.

Fierce Musashi3100d ago

Suit yourself then, mate. But nevertheless, if you still own a Wii, trying looking for the games that are already out. And don't pretend like there isn't any.

Also, if you did your research you would know that there are some great titles to come here in the ending of the year and so on.

Mini Mario3100d ago (Edited 3100d ago )

"thank god I have ps3 and 360 "

Why compared to a PC they are GREATLY underpowered. Still dont get why people think they have the best "graphics" and "power" on the HD twins. And the online is nothing in comparison.

I hear world of warcraft is quite popular.

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jp_footy23100d ago

more like the wii's uniqueness...

Trevorthenerd3100d ago

Project natal does not worry anyone lol

Fatal Blow3100d ago

The only reason i bought a wii was Tatsunoko Vs Capcom an amazing fighting game best one out this gen so far and for Super Mario Galaxy and few others

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