Extreme Gamer: God of War Collection Review

Extreme Gamer writes: "Now, if you've never played the games before, that's about as much of the plot I should really tell you, because the deeper and deeper you get into the first game, the more interesting and involved you become into this epic story. Furthermore, upon completing the first game, you'll immediately want to dive into the sequel and encounter a crazy turn of events for Kratos, drastically changing the very foundation of the original game and its story. I mean really, when I said that God of War was beyond epic, I meant it."

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Chicago85063106d ago

For gamers that haven't tried this game out, GET IT...NOW!
The endings r unforgetable, n it definately looks great!

If u like Fatalities, Brutalities..Kratos packes em all!
He's the ULTIMATE BADASS! N tha GOW3 E3 Demo..all I can say is WOW!..can't wait.