Study Tracks War Crimes In Games

A study by two Swiss human rights groups has criticised games for including violations of International Humanitarian Laws.

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Leord3189d ago

Makes me think of World of WarCraft and that torture quest...

AndyA3189d ago

Yeah Richard Bartle didn't half get angry about that one.

Guido3189d ago

If these guys have run a study about war crimes in literature? If not then what is taking them so long?

Saaking3188d ago

are they serious? Do they have nothing better to do?

Maticus3189d ago

You see things in films all the time about actions like this. Is it different because you have to act out the crimes yourself, rather than just watch it on film?

AndyA3189d ago

Yeah, presumably it's the interactivity that's piqued their interest.

yoshiroaka3189d ago

At least they arent being pig headed about it and saying ZOMG GAMES ARE EVIL!

Ant to be fair most games you dont have any real control over whats happening (just like in movies) and your character is for the most part a spectator in torture scenes and other scenes of that nature.

Major decisions are usually made by higher up commanders in games and you just carry out orders.

I think giving players a choice in those matters arent bad but maybe what developers can do is make the consequence for making the 'wrong' decisions more severe on the player. Short term benefits but long term consequences that would be bad for the player.

3189d ago
Got2bemad2behere3189d ago

Those peoples should use their time stopping real war crimes (the treatment of afghan and iraqi prisoners comes first in my mind) and not try make games less fun. I'm no trying to justify torture in games I just find it fun. In real life for example I couldn't even shoot a bird (well maybe a bird but nothing furry).

kraze073189d ago

They should've spent their time studying something more useful to society.

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