Turn 10 working on Project Gotham Racing game?

Microsoft executive Tom Burt who owns a Tesla Roadster has been visited by Turn 10 and Microsoft Game Studios to record sounds from his electric sports car for a new game in the Project Gotham Racing franchise.

"A team of sound engineers from Microsoft Game Studios (some working on Forza, some on Project Gotham Racing) asked if I was willing to take my Roadster to a track so they could record a variety of sounds," wrote Burt on a public Tesla Blog.

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LastPlaceConsole3129d ago

That would be Awesome

Turn 10 is the Best

renegade3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Turn 10 are good, but they can't match polyphony digital.

@ Lastplaceconsole you can talk that Turn 10 is the (difinitive haters) that cant match PD nuff said.

LastPlaceConsole3129d ago

@ renegade

Turn 10 is the developer of Forza 3(the Definitive) not polyphony digital

Guido3129d ago

Great, all we need is to hear Turn 10 and their "definitive" talk about how god-like they are and how their game is the one and only coming of the christ. I swear they went to school at the Aaron Greenturd School of Douche-baggery.

Shadow Flare3129d ago

I reckon turn 10 could actually make a good project gotham game, cos the driving physics of it wouldn't be that different from forza

FordGTGuy3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Polyphony Digital has had 5 years to develop GT5 while Forza 3 went from drawing board to finished product within 2 years. That is a 3 year advantage in development time so they had better be able to make a game considered better than Forza 3.

Turn 10 is a very physics oriented developer and no other physics engine in console or maybe now even pc simulator games can touch it. Their engine has been designed around the most advanced simulators used by top racing teams and uses the most advanced tire physics available.

Turn 10 can make a great PGR but to say that their physics engine is on the same level of previous PGR titles is foolish and stupid.


Please shutup your not helping the matter.

wpggamer3129d ago

Right away with PD, always PD this PD that. Shut up! Wrong thread.

Turn 10 definitive this, that. Shut up! Open Zone >>

Hey, at least they didn't say forza 3 only does everything. That would be running your mouth off.

TotalPS3Fanboy3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

Turn 10 should stick to what they're great at: arcade racers like Project Gotham Racing, and let PD do what they're great at: creating realistic simulation racer like GT5.

FordGTGuy3129d ago

A fitting name for a troll in a Xbox 360 related article. If you think Gran Turismo is realistic than your in for a big surprise when you start driving.

TotalPS3Fanboy3129d ago

"A fitting name for a troll in a Xbox 360 related article."

Now now, don't need to resort to name calling.

"If you think Gran Turismo is realistic than your in for a big surprise when you start driving."

I know. I really was surprised too. I couldn't believed how realistic it was. The first time I drove in real life, I was amazed because the game have achieved reality.

Trebius3129d ago

I just hope they dont run their mouth off and make themselves look foolish again.

Perjoss3129d ago

what makes me laugh is that there are LESS fanboy comments in the open zone 99% of the time, n4g has become a joke. Seriously, just merge the zones, they are pointless.

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JamieReleases3129d ago

Forza 3 was great, so we should have high hopes for a new Project Gotham Racing game.

Aloren3129d ago

I wonder why you got disagrees.... that means forza 3 was not great ? or we should not have high hopes ?...

FordGTGuy3129d ago

that there are alot of Sony fanboys on this website that hate the mention of anything that has to do with Microsoft.

xaviertooth3129d ago

if forza3 was great then why 360 fans did not buy it? it failed miserably in sales as it did not sell 2.4M on first day, that's according to 360 fans. no offense but please before you look forward to PGR, buy forza3 first and then wait for this game.

GamerSciz3129d ago

I think you have some issues yourself. You seem to do nothing but boast about microsoft and claim that anyone who disagrees, whether they like sony or not, is a sony fanboy...You are leaving out PC fanboys and nintendo fanboys (however quiet they may be). So truthfully you just make yourself look like an idiot.

Plus on your earlier post about Forza 3 being better than PC are sadly mistaken and have clearly done little to no research. PC sims are the most realistic right now even above Forza 3 and probably GT5 but we don't know because GT5 isn't out yet. But GT4 and Forza 2 were both outdone (in the physics department) by PC sims. Console driving games go for graphics and fun physics. PC doesn't have high end graphics for their racing sims but their physics are the most realistic you can come by.

So go ahead and claim that everyone who disagrees is a Sony fanboy and just hates Microsoft just because, but I am telling you that is not the case. Not to mention more and more people are having a hatred towards Microsoft because 90% of their exclusive 3rd party publishers are full of douche bags who boast about their game being the best thing that's happened. But then again, that's a whole another topic and story.

3128d ago
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Alan Wake3129d ago

Turn 10 best team for racing game ever

Godmars2903129d ago

I just hope they have enough sense not to talk about GT this time. How they'll make the "definitive"console racer.

Shadow Flare3129d ago

If they even mention that project gotham is better then GT, that would actually be really funny. Would show how obsessed we know they are with polyphony digital

DARK WITNESS3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

I don't know.... even though i think bizzar f-ed up pgr4 ( I can understand why ) I still find it hard to move on.

what I loved about pgr is that is was very straight to the point.

I loved the graphics and the engine they used in pgr, I loved the fact that the whole city was pretty much modeled and it was not just flat backgrounds painted in.

don't get me wrong, Forza 3 does look good, but if i have to be honest... well all i will say is this; if you still have either of the pgr games on the 360, pick the New York tracks and have a nice slow drive round the track. look at all the buildings, take some still pics... then check out the New York tracks in forza3, have a nice slow drive round and compare the two.

The tracks that are out in the open in forza 3 with natural scenery look great.. but in my honest opinion the city tracks in forza, especially New York i thought didn't look that great.

Also pgr had great lighting effects, I still don't really like forza 3's lighting.

I don't doubt it will be a great game, but I don't want pgr5 to be forza3 - sim physics. Pgr always had a very distinct identity, and I am just not sure T10 will capture that with the feel of the game if it's using the same engine that forza 3 is using.

anyway, rant over, I can sit here and wait to get bashed. I hope someone out there understands what I am talking about.

boodybandit3129d ago (Edited 3129d ago )

PGR is still my favorite racing franchise even though 4 was a bit of a let down. I enjoy Forza 3 but I feel kind of the same way you feel about it. It lacks immersion for me. The cars, tacks and backgrounds don't mesh together, if that makes sense.

One thing is for sure is it doesn't draw me in like PGR use to. I haven't played Forza 3 in a couple weeks. Even though that is partly do, at least I hope it is, that I am still waiting on my Fanatec wheel. Although I did pick up an MS wheel to hold me over and still haven't revisited Forza 3 yet.

I don't want Turn 10 to make PGR no more than I would want Rare to make Ratchet & Clank or ID to make a Halo 4. I think this is a bad move.

FordGTGuy3129d ago

For Forza Motorsport 3 were being held back by the incredibly power demanding physics engine Forza 3 uses. With the use of a less powerful physics engine I'm sure graphics would greatly improve.


@ boodybandit

ya, I know what you mean about forza 3 backgrounds not meshing together. totally agree.

@ FordGTGuy

again, understand what your saying and I hope to god you're right. I guess time will have to tell.

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