IncGamers Column: MMOs: Past, Present and Future

Were the old role play games ever that popular? I get an image of a group of people sitting in a darkened room, rolling their 20-sided dice and play-acting their characters as they venture through an imaginary world together.

I know it went on, and still does in fact, but was it something that millions of people took part in on a daily basis? How, then, have MMORPGs become what they are today, and what will they become in the future?

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Maticus3193d ago

Can't wait for the VR games that you can plug yourself into and really forget the world for a few hours. Bring it on!

Leord3193d ago

I'm not sure that's for everyone :)

AndyA3193d ago

They'll become bigger, more accessible and thus more profitable. All the MMO world needs is a worthy successor to WoW.

Malfurion3193d ago

Yeah, and good luck making one of those! ;)

But yeah, it's very exciting to think what will come along in the future of MMOs.

Medievaldragon3193d ago

People will forget to eat if they get that immersed into a VR.

Malfurion3193d ago

Naaaaah, I get pretty immersed now but my stomach still tells me when it's time to get up and grab some munch :P

Leord3193d ago

I think it's interesting that this comparatively small minority of Pen & Paper RPG players actually design the mass-player RPGs of the PC :)

Maticus3193d ago

Well this is it, it's taken people who enjoyed P&P games to go forward and make these games, which appeal to so many more people - the lazier ones of us who can't be bothered to imagine it all!