UK Software Sales for week ending 21/11: Modern Warfare 2 fends off AC II, L4D 2

El33tonline writes:

"For the second week in a row, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 has taken perch atop Chart Track's UK Software Sales Chart, fending off valiant advances from newcomers such as Left 4 Dead 2, Assassin's Creed II and New Super Mario Bros. Wii in the process."

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Pennywise3042d ago

AC2 deserves the sales. What a vast improvement over the first.

Antan3042d ago

Still on the fence..............I did enjoy the 1st but i got bored some ways in.

Pennywise3042d ago

I HATED the first. I didn't get past the 2nd city. I am telling you, they added so much to this game. I have played a good 12 hours and I am not bored yet.

Zedux3042d ago

in North Pole MW2 is still the best selling game but it doesn;t even come close to Killzone 2 action I just can't stop playing K2 since launch sorry but no Xmas for ya guys!

NecrumSlavery3042d ago

Agree. AC was a good idea, pretty but godawfully repetative.
AC2 on the other hand, is brilliantly told and all around great.

Wish the climbing was a clean as inFamous and Uncharted 2. I mean it's good but takes a lot longer to get the flow down.

Don_Frappucino3042d ago

Liked KZ2, but i prefer MW2.

sikbeta3042d ago

AC2 is like a different game if you compare it with boring first

Bubbles_Kitty_Cat3042d ago

I am finding AC2 to be almost as boring as the first.

Both games just seem to drag on with dull task after dull task.

So far I have rented 1 & 2, but I think I am done with the series from here on out.

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I have to say I am absolutely in love with AC2. I didn't touch any other game all weekend.

I just can't get over how big the cities are.

my only wish now is that the next AC be on the next generation of systems whenever they are out.

I don't want them to rush it and I really want to see what they will do with full BR disk space. I mean what they mamanged to get on DVD was really impressive... can you imagine what they would be able to do with more power and disc space.

love the game. it's everything the first should have been and more.

Pennywise3042d ago

I'm with you 100% on the improvements. I wanted to level up a bit more on uncharted, but AC2 kept me occupied all weekend and I cant wait to get home and play some more.

I have to say 100% improvement from first and a clear runner up for GOTY.

NecrumSlavery3042d ago

What was Lego Batman there?

BX813042d ago

I guess the price point really wasn't that big of an issue!