Surely a poor port is better than none at all?

In response to Robert Bowling's defence of Modern Warfare 2's performance on the PC, GamerZines explains why even substandard ports are beneficial and why the rage surrounding Infinity Ward's title may damage the future of the often marginalised platform.

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Zedux3159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

I can't speak for PC gamers as the only games I use my pc for are sim racing but I can't stand a port that's why I only buy PS3 exclusives. No Xmas presents this year for Activision and Infinity Ward!

DelbertGrady3159d ago

So you won't be enjoying Assassin's Creed 2, Borderlands, Bioshock 2, Bayonetta, Dragon Age: Origins or any of the other totally awesome multiplat games?

Sounds boring to me.

Darkfocus3159d ago

Soda dragon age and bio shock are lead on PC and the PC version of dragon age is far superior to the console versions so how are they ports?

evrfighter3159d ago

if you can't do it right. Don't do it at all.

Halo3 MLG Pro3159d ago

You only buy ps3 exclusive's??? WOW, how boring. You missing out man. That's fanboyism to the extreme right there.

Anon19743159d ago (Edited 3159d ago )

Maybe he only has a PS3 and PC. Maybe his time is limited and PS3 exclusives are all he has time to play. Personally, there are enough great PS3 exclusives out there to keep your average gamer happily gaming for years. He might not feel he needs anything else.

How is that fanboyism to only play exclusive games on platforms you own? Not everyone can afford to shell out for every single system out there, or every single game. Or maybe the PS3 meets his needs and he doesn't want anything else? I only game on my 360 and PS3 and didn't like the Wii. And, I was tired of the expense of constantly upgrading my PC. Does that mean I'm a fanboy simply because I have a preference?

Give your head a shake.

Zedux3159d ago

@darkride66 bubbles there!

Bobby Kotex3159d ago

For a while I only got exclusives. This year I ended up getting Arkham Asylum, Madden 10 and MW2 on my PS3. Next year I'm getting FFXIII for sure. The vast majority of games I get are exclusive though.

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Raf1k13159d ago

Not when you charge more than normal.

A poor port is like a poor quality product.
Who in their right mind would pay the normal asking price for a poor quality product let alone more than normal when they're giving you less?

If you went to a supermarket looking to buy your favourite cake would you want to pay the normal price when the icing is missing? Of course not. Then what would your reaction be if not only was the icing missing but they had increased the price too?

kaveti66163159d ago

To me that really depends on what aspect of the game is suffering. If one version of the game has worse graphics than the other but still maintains the same framerate, then if I only have the ability to buy the worse version, I will.

Also, if one version of the game has a bad framerate at launch but is patched and runs well later, then I will buy the game.

The problem with gamers today is that they're thinking more like general consumers rather than gamers.

The way I feel about gaming is, as long as its fun and will keep me absorbed, then I want it. Even if that means that I can only purchase the inferior version of it. That's the way it is.

Saryk3159d ago

I got to call BS on the article and I also have to consider the source.
Let’s look at the facts. PS3 and Xbox 360 had to go to the store to buy MW2. Very few places sell PC games any more, they are mostly digital downloaded. I would say 95% of the games I bought this year were DD. Now, only Steam was allowed to sale the product.

That is why the PC got low numbers. Not included the boycott and other issues.
In my opinion if they game is sub par when crossed over, it shouldn’t be.

docsavage3159d ago

You're wrong about Steam being the only one allowed to sell MW2. Direct Drive and others refused to sell it because it was so connected to Steam. Bit of a difference there.

Saryk3159d ago

Ok, then take out allowed and you should be happy. Steam was the only one selling the game by digital means.

Sabre_G3159d ago

If u cant do something right, then whats the point doing it?

If we accepted every half-assed attempt, then we might as well lower our standards and expectations. I for one wont

kaveti66163159d ago

What if Infinity Ward put an equal amount of effort into all the versions of the game, but the final products showed that one version was better than the other? What do you think IW should have done? Should IW say to the PC community a month before launch, "Hey, we worked on the PC version every day along with the console versions, and in the end the console versions were better, so we're not going to release the PC version. Sorry for the wait."

And in what way is the PC version WORSE than the console versions. IF console versions have always been using P2P servers and the PC version just now starts using it, how does that make the PC version inferior?

The PC version has much better visuals, a higher resolution, a higher framerate, etc. I understand that PC players have the right to complain about the lack of dedicated servers, but they cannot say that their version is inferior to the console version.

Noctis Aftermath3159d ago

@above: are you stupid? no one has said it is inferior to the console versions, people are saying it is the SAME as the console versions which is the problem.

When a game is made for a platform they take into account the hardware restrictions of that platform, ps3 and xbox are direct competitors so IW has to make the game near identical on each console, but a PC has so much more available, and for the last 10-15 years dedicated servers aswell as modding have been the norm for PC games(especially FPS games), how can you just go take out those things and then claim everything is fine?

And no IW did not put the same amount of effort into the PC version as the xbox version, the pc version is nothing more then a 360 port with keyboard and mouse support, modern warfare 1 has dedicated servers and all the other goodies that PC games are expected to have and yet they decided to not include them into a game which is meant to be superior to its predecessor.

kaveti66163158d ago

"are you stupid?"

No, I'm just so smart your mind was blown.

"no one has said it is inferior to the console versions, people are saying it is the SAME as the console versions which is the problem."

That's actually not a problem. If the PC version is exactly the same as the console versions, then you really do sound like a dumb sonofab!tch for complaining about it. "Boohoo, the product I paid 60 bucks for has exactly the same level of quality as everyone else's version." Cry me a river, you conceited prick.

"modern warfare 1 has dedicated servers and all the other goodies that PC games are expected to have and yet they decided to not include them into a game which is meant to be superior to its predecessor."

Then keep playing Modern Warfare 1. What the hell is your goddamn problem? The multiplayer component is almost exactly the same minus the inclusion of new maps and customizable killstreaks.

What, do you feel like you're somehow entitled to receive preferential treatment because you're a PC gamer? I don't care how long you've had dedicated servers and modding ability. I wrote a post on another thread expressing similar concerns, but never in my life did I think I would come across a guy who literally feels like he deserves it. Do you see console owners crying foul because they don't have dedicated servers? No.

Are you being forced to pay for a product that you're not happy with? No. Are you gonna continue to whine about this product which you are clearly not satisfied with? Time will tell; I guess yes. Go mod Counter Strike maps or Team Fortress games or whatever the hell you want. MW2 has the potential to play just as well on PC as it does on consoles, and no, it shouldn't HAVE to be better on PC, that's just something weird people think.

zagibu3158d ago

@Kaveti6616: What you don't understand is that many PC gamers don't own a console and thus usually don't compare their games with console versions. They instead compare their games with other similar PC games. And if you do this with MW2, you must come to the conclusion that they charge you +10$ for less game than you got from their previous release.
Now what exactly is the problem with ported games? Well done ports are not problematic. They can be absolutely identical, or even offer less features than the "original", but they have to be adapted to the target platform. Here are some common properties of shoddy ports:
- sub-par texture resolution / texture filtering support
- not all monitor resolutions supported
- input system not adapted (menu items too big, tedious scrolling using keyboard, fixed turn rates, ridiculous bullet spray in combination with auto-aim, etc.)
- restricted networking (no LAN, no dedicated servers)
- no free saving
- platform performance not exhaustively utilized (resulting in too frequent map loading or too small maps with not enough detail)

So, no, a poor port is not better than none at all, usually, because it also results in a poor game. And why should you buy a poor game?

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Pennywise3159d ago

This is one case where nothing is better than something.

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