Grumpy Gurevitz: Stupid People Lead Me To Violence

Grumpy Gurevitz Writes: What causes violence? If you are a fan of George Lucas then you know that ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to anger, and anger to violence. I ask this as currently we are going through the yearly attack on gaming, largely caused by Modern Warfare 2; but most probably an attack which would have attached itself to another game had MW2 not been released. It's the time of year when everyone wants a game and hence gaming is big. It used to be films which were attacked at this time of year, but hey, compared to games they are so small fry.

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unknown_gamer3187d ago

Grumpy Gurevitz gets better with each article, looking forward to the next one

scruffy_bear3187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

It's always games it seems that get blamed for violence in kids but X-Factor makes me want to kill anyone watching it ahhhhhhhhhhh

Mondayding3187d ago

I know many gamers will spit dirt at this comment, but it's foolish to deny that games don't have an influence over gamers. As much as films and music do. As much as books do. A case in point, anyone old enough to remember the movie Breakdance will remember trying it out themselves. Anyone who's ever watched a Bruce Lee movie as a child will definitely have pretended they were Bruce themselves.

Remember that boy who killed his sister after watching some American wrestling? I think he clotheslined her.

Whatever, the point is that those who do criticise games do have a point. I'm fine with that – I am influenced by what I see, hear and read on a daily basis. What's tedious about it all is that they never make that exact point, that we are all easily influenced by everything around us. Even a yawn. Seeing someone else yawn can make you yawn, right? What is not addressed is the fact that many millions of readers, film goers, music fans and gamers aren't so influenced by what they see/hear that they have to go out and emulate it. Only a small percentage of the world's population are that easily swayed, and I suspect that those who have watched a violent movie or played a violent game or listened to violent music and then gone out and committed violent acts weren't simply influenced by the one thing. Else the human mind would be a feeble organ and the human race would've been wiped out a long long time ago.

I'm losing my drift here, but to close I'll say this - just because games get slated by the media for being violent and a negative influence on 'children' whenever a new gory/violent game comes out, doesn't mean there isn't any truth to what they're saying. Can you honestly say you've never been influenced by a film/game/song/book?

ReservoirDog3163187d ago (Edited 3187d ago )

Yeah, I agree 100% with you. Movies, books, games and music all have an effect on you. But the people who play Doom then decide to kill everyone and stuff like that, I believe they would've done it anyways. It just so happens that that certain thing was the catalyst. Plus, as you said, it was also a lifetime of buildup.

@ below

I think you missed the point. Some things stay with you. Kinda like how some of us rewatched Raiders of the Lost Arc after playing Uncharted 2. Something, not always bad, stays with you.

And those already sick people get affected by a certain thing. I'm not sure I made the point clear but did you understand what I was saying?

Bereaver3187d ago

I've never been influenced by a "violent" film/game/song or book. BECAUSE I HAVE COMMON SENSE AND BRAINS!

Anyone that would copy a game, or learn from it in a violent way, shouldn't be playing games. Much less even going to school, and should also be on heavy medication.

Look I trumped all your speech in two short paragraphs.

FarEastOrient3187d ago

I'm currently deployed to Iraq, a country where you have more Modern Warfare 2 players in the FOBs than suburbs back at home is really fun. Now violent games leading to violence is something I have to question since all of us (soldiers) here have weapons and an enemy to shoot at do not go on rampages due to a simple game.

THE MAX SPEED 213187d ago

Bereaver maybe you have common sense and brains because you're a GROWN MAN!

but I remember a few years ago when I was in 8th grade my Friend and I were going to pick up his little brother who was 7 years old at the time and the teacher told us that he had done some Wrestling moves on another student and hurt him a little and my friend had to give the message to his mom.

Guess what game they rented at Blockbuster a few days before this happened ?

Smackdown on PS2 when it just got out.

Serg3187d ago

I've played my first FPS game when I was 10, played games since I was 5, I am 23. I don't even think of killing somebody. Of course I've been influenced by media I was exposed to, but it is the responsibility of the parents to teach their kids what is right and what is wrong.

If you can't do it, don't have kids, it's that simple. Trying to put the blame on something else is the disguise of a coward who can't admit his failure. And that crap about tough times and not enough time to manage everything is a load of bull. If you are too dumb or don't have 5 seconds to read '17+','M' for 'Mature' on the FRONT of the cover, you shouldn't have kids. I don't have any compassion left for people who use their kids to victimize themselves to gain sympathy.

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ThePostalDudeX3187d ago

Developers stop making violent games they'll start to blame the violence in the news.....rinse wash repeat.

Cubes3187d ago

I blame the parents for letting young children play violent games in the first place! What's wrong with a bit of Mario for starters? Stupid people right enough.

bigboss9113187d ago

the very first video game i ever played was the 1st Mortal kombat on snes.... at the time it was a very controversial game... I was 4. My favorite movie when i was around that age? Jurassic Park, a movie filled with people getting attacked and killed by dinosaurs. I have never been a violent person, cuz i was raised not to be. You can shelter children all you want, but if you dont teach them proper values, it will all go to waste. When i have kids i will make sure they understand what they are seeing. of course i wont let them play something like God of war, but im not going to pretend that mario is the only game they can play.