South Australia Attorney-General to appeal Modern Warfare 2 rating

Michael Atkinson, the South Australian Attorney-General and outspoken campaigner against violence in video games, has revealed that he will be challenging the MA15+ rating given to Infinity Ward shooter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

"I have no trust in the Classification Board to apply the guidelines sincerely and correctly...thus to draw up such guidelines would be to do so in sure and certain knowledge that they would be stretched and then broken."

When asked about the Commonwealth discussion paper on the R18+ rating, due to be released to the public in April earlier this year, Atkinson said that he did not know why it had not been released.

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saint_john_paul_ii3191d ago

i dont know why you Australians have to deal with this crap. its kind of ridiculous that a game has to get banned because its too violent when in Cinemas you get the same thing and worse...

devilhunterx3190d ago

Weird. I thought the "Western world" had the same mindset.

Violence = Good

Shotgun_Roamer3190d ago

The australian government swoops in again to save the day. The aussies really do get a daily screwing in game ratings/bannings

tripewire3190d ago

I'm gonna go "No Russian" on this [email protected]%!$ if I ever meet him.

If the stupid F&$#%#$ would allow an R18+ rating we wouldnt have this problem.

sa_nick3190d ago

What a chump. Everyone here (south australia) hates him.