Mythic guys do damage control

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning producers Jeff Hickman and Jeff Skalski attempted to calm the waves in the WAR community via letters to the players. The news of huge layoffs at Mythic (owned by Electronic Arts) was cause for concern among many MMORPGamers; clearly, in any such event, a game's future may hang in the balance when 40% of its development staff is laid off.

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Nolando3036d ago

How many people are currently subscribed to WAR?

i started playing the enless trial and im hooked, it just i feel it deserves its place somewhere next to WoW but from what i heard this game doesnt even have 1 mil suscribors anymore...

i might just start subscribing to this game because me and my friend play it and its just amazing to see a non WoW game that is so addictive. and what makes me feel even more attached to it is the more mature and more PvP/RvR game theme that WoW didnt have...

and honestly the classes and races in WAR imo are way better than in WoW (EXCEPT THE ORCS, i prefer warcraft orcs over any other fantasy im a diehard warcraft RTS player), when i play PvP in WAR i feel like im doing something and that every class has its part and not one class dominates everything like in WoW how everyone b**ches about the shammy, or pally, or warlock...

it just saddens me how i feel like this game isnt going to be around much longer. when the only reason its dying is because it was being hailed as the next WoW and then blizzard crushed it with the WotLC expansion. this game deserves players, im tired of WoW not only having a stranglehold on the mmo market but snuffing out any other title as well its plain unbeleivable.

i love WoW but my enjoyment for WAR has me speaking out and its sickening only seeing COUNT IT 8 servers available (mostly low populated) compared to the hundreds WoW has.

im sorry for the wall of text i just had to express my opinion of the people who make WoW possible i have been off WoW since last year and never will go back.

anybody else feel the same way or is there another reason WAR is dying that i am not seeing, because to me it had great reviews a great launch with not that many game killing bugs like mose mmos... idk... it just dissapoints me that this game is lost to players... hope it last because i want to join the war community and support it.

knifefight3036d ago

I don't think there's currently a shortage of players so much as now there's tension in the air with all the layoffs tat happened. Like:
there's the idea that the game might get stale because of not getting enough updates and/or bug fixes, which would lead to a number of players quitting, which may then lead to the game getting canceled so the devs can be put onto the teams that work for EA Mythic's other MMORPGs Ultima Online and Dark Age of Camelot.

Nolando3036d ago

This game sure has qaulity imo over most MMO's,

i have never played Ultima Online or Camelot, but i just hope this game doesnt die i truly enjoy it and even though i was one of those that laughed at people who thought this would touch WoW, i still want it to succeed. maybe they should get relic to make a warhammer RTS like dawn of war but the fantasy version.

But still... imo this mmo had alot of qaulity and already a great amount of content in it from the start and i think its just sad it might not last even though no one is sure yet.

i think the endless trial may open people up to it again and hopefully gain a bigger following.

Spazz3036d ago

This game deserves to die. To this day the devs never put forth enough effort to resolve the stability issues that plague this game. I would say that was the number one reason my whole guild moved onto other MMO's.

Just wait till you are doing end game city seiges and then you will see what I mean.