All the truth about Sony Press Conference: Premium Subscriptions, 3D, HOME

Past the Sony Corporation Global Press Conference, a lot of web sites have submitted any news, but not they truly true at 100%.
Now has published an article (posted 2 days ago) where they are confirmed the Premium Subscriptions in PSN, the new 3D technology for PS3 and the evolution of HOME.
There are a lot of screenshots.

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jamesrocks31473038d ago

very very good and promising the playstation network is going to get bigger across products never mind bigger in terms of users its already bigger then xbox live 33 million users is alot but considering all the ps3's and psp's out there that number isnt that big at all

keep it up sony!

LukaX233038d ago

The truth is an empty, white page?

nan03038d ago

This dude needs some serious grammar help. Seriously

snaz273038d ago

ok sony are going to OFFER a premium service, what that entails remains to be seen, but what we do know and whats important is online gaming will remain FREE. i doubt sony will charge us for any of the services we already have.... anyway with that out the way there are a couple of little things ive noticed in those pics! and thats what should be the focus here! in the pics "5 advantages of playstation 3" check out playstation network, they are releasing "non-game development kits".... say what? couls this mean an app store? skype anyone?... and also the pic comfirming ALL ps3s will be 3D firmware upgradable, however this is pretty much common knowledge by now... all seems pretty damn cool if you ask me, big things ahead for ps3.

Xbox Avatars Shoe3038d ago

The article is translated by Google Translator >.<

Noctis Aftermath3038d ago

i will be paying for the premium service, besides having extra features i want to support the company that was willing to lose billions to ensure i(as a ps3 owner) get the best experience on my ps3.

cLiCK_sLiCK93038d ago

Report Fake. Link is purposely broken.

Guido3037d ago

You sir... Are a completely dedicated Sony fan. Welcome to the fold! ;-)

Lightsaber3037d ago

My guess is that sony will keep the online play free but limit the number of hours you can play in order to try to get people to pay for the psn. Also that any new major feature they add will only be for the paying customers. Sony is doin this to make money so they want everyone to sign up.

before everyone starts screaming about me being a fanboy I'd like to repeat this is a GUESS. I could be wrong about it.

marcus j3037d ago

All you ps3 bots through that psn would be completly free for ever! but look now you raped microsoft over and over again about paying just watch me do it to sony now!

ABizzel13037d ago

I'm sure Sony's going to offer a charge for their service as well, but the thing is things that should be free (online gaming) or that are currently free will be free.

I think the charge part comes in for purchasing anything off of PSN like their currently doing, or to get exclusive items, or access to exclusive home spaces. Which is fine, because you don't need any of that stuff.

As long as Online gaming and PlaySatation Store access remain free then there will be no problem. I should have to pay to purchase items (XBL, Sam's Club, Costco).

Armyless3037d ago

by prospects of 3D gaming on PS3

darthv723037d ago

If by free online they might be allowing free peer to peer play. To play on dedicated servers may be subscription based. I will get some disagrees for that but it could happen. Basically you host a game and you arent on a server so no need to pay to do that. If you want to play in a larger environment lag free with more people then it would be on a dedicated server which could cost the user a small monthly/yearly fee.

It wouldnt be the same as live because MS charges for both dedicated and P2P play. Yes there are some live games that have dedicated servers.

I really think MS should rethink their silver membership to include limited online for free. Maybe free play in smaller numbers on games or time of day free play. We know MS wont make complete online play free but those are just ideas. Ad based play could be another idea. You have to watch a few ads before the game starts for online free play.

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D4RkNIKON3038d ago

can some one tell me how to get the link to work?

40cal3038d ago

the link seems to be broken.

robser733038d ago

The web site has reached a lot of accesses and the web server shows the link like a blank page.
Now it's all ok.
The article is back online.

Sabre_G3038d ago

I'm gussing that the service will similar to Xbox Lives silver/gold membership scheme, with the vital acception that online play is free whatever level you are.

Sony probably felt while there is more money to make from PSN, keeping online free will still be the biggest attraction to potential and exsisting PSN customers

Redlogic3038d ago

The PSN subscription will get you to access Sony's Itunes (who knows what they will call it. The membership will get you unlimited songs to download from the store as well as free monthly movie renting. You will be able to turn your ps3 into your computer for music since the Hard Drive space is enormous. Perfect for movies and games. You will also be able to play music bought from Sony ITunes during games and will make the process of adding music to your games seamless. Home will be redesigned so that you can also access the music store with your avatar and purchase music using your avatar. Then Sony will re-introduce their IPOD killer Sony Walkman. Your Walkman will be able to sync up to the ps3. Imagine all these different things working from one place...your ps3 cause it only does everything.

ExgamerLegends23038d ago

So this whole subscription thing is confirmed eh?

Wasn't cross game chat confirmed too?

Crap that means cross game chat might only be available with the subscription.

If so i guess it would still be worth it.

LukaX233038d ago

It says: "Sorry, we've deleted this page because the article was posted by a noob writer."

JK! But seriously, I wish I knew what it said, too!

hobokiller3038d ago

It has a gallery of pictures from the press conference. It says the basic online feautures like gaming online will remain free, but that some areas of PSN, Netflix, and the PSN Video Network will require the fee. The video service launch in NA in the beginning of 2010, but Europe has had it since Nov 19 2009.

Bubble PLZ

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