Intel Core i9: Hands-on test of the six-core Gulftown at PCGH

PCGH tested a engineering sample of the Intel Gulftown with six cores. They ran benchmarks in Anno 1404: Dawn of Discovery, Race Driver Grid and Far Cry 2. Resident Evil 5 was used to test the core scaling.

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Nihilism3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

I was going to say that the results were dissapointing before I re-read and saw that they said the final clocks could be as high as 3.33. If that's the case, then perhaps the only reason was due to the low clocks, and maybe 6 cores really would give a good boost. I don't know why the hell they run benchmarks with no AA though, sure it gives a better processor only indication, but real people run with AA and higher setting, they should have included more realistic settings so we can see if it's worth blowing our money on

EDIT: good to see my [email protected] is at the top of the farcry 2 chart. I want some Dragon Age benchmarks with decent settings, i want to know just how cpu limited it is

sagapo3075d ago

it's all a bit premature if you ask me. they barely use quad the way they should for optimum results. (I'm talking for games here...).

champ213075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

true games hardly take advantage of quad core.

intel/amd/nvidia need to work with developers make them utilise the cpu/gpu give us better games.

something like what amd did with dirt2.

meetajhu3075d ago

I'm planning on getting this CPU+Nvidia Fermi or GT300 with Windows 7 and Crosair XMS DDR 12gb!

toaster3075d ago (Edited 3075d ago )

Man, you have way too much money on your hands.

@ Below
Dood, LOL. You're kidding right? No one in their right mind would drop that much at once. You have to steadily upgrade or you'll be too broke to pay for your games that won't even fully utilize a quad core. My dual is more than enough for the moment.

timestoby3075d ago

no toaster,ur just poor lol

TABSF3075d ago

The only real game that required a quad core was GTA IV and just look at how GPU still propped that game. just get the Fermi and keep with what you have.

Watch this benchmark of Crysis Warhead, GTA IV (GTA IV benchmark results follow bench) and Street Fighter 4

Just look at the CPU usage on GTA IV, same computer, same settings just different GPU.

3075d ago
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