Does Modern Warfare 2 Finally Fix The PS3's Invite System?

TheSixthAxis writes that Sony's PS3 interface, the XMB, has been steadily growing since its launch in 2006 - constantly evolving, but not always in the right direction. One thing we don't properly have yet, though, is a universal cross-game invite system, the ability to invite your friends to a game regardless of what game they're currently playing themselves. Until now.

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villevalorox3158d ago

Can we get this clear... It's not Sony's fault if devs. don't use the tools they have to the max. COD might push devs to do this from now on but there was never anything to "FIX" because it was never broken? "_"

vhero3158d ago

exactly just because other devs never used it doesn't mean it wasn't there.