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Wonderwallweb Writes:

In October we got an invite up north to Dundee to meet the team at Ruffian Games. The lure was to have a hands-on for the follow up for 2007 classic, Crackdown. Not knowing what to expect a search on the net was in order with YouTube offering plenty of clips from recent game events and loads of forums already moaning about the game as "it's not by Real Time Worlds" or "it's in the same city?" I will settle it all right now; you have nothing to worry about.

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Xeoset3158d ago

Sounds like it is at least similar to the first installment, therefore: AMAZING!!!

Cajun Chicken3158d ago

I'm still slightly dubious about this one, because the original was just pure, unadulterated fun on a disc. Has a lot to live up to for those years a sequel shouldv'e appeared.