Would You Buy A Bungie Game On PS3?

Ironstarmovement: "As rumored by Hip Hop Gamer, Bungie's first PS3 game could be set to released sometime next year. Bungie created the critically acclaimed Halo series for those who didn't know. Halo rapidly evolved into a household name, as it was the featured exclusive for the original Xbox."

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lh_swe3072d ago

Because your beloved bungie would be cheating on MS?

Face it all studios are whores in the end it wont be long before exclusives are a very rare commodity.

PirateThom3072d ago

Only if it was a sequel to Oni.

Cyrax_873072d ago

If it's a shooter? Probably not.

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whothedog3072d ago

Well not trying to nit pick or anything but he said a trailer to debut next year, not an actual game. Bungie I believe is a good developer, just Halo is a little tired to me(Halo Reach maybe not since its a new engine). But just because they are popular doesn't guarantee a good game, I need to see game play first, along with every other game I decide to buy or be interested in.

mal_tez923072d ago

As long as it's good

But I won't buy Halo, because it's not good.

reintype3072d ago

I don't think any PS3 owner would hold a grudge against Bungie for developing exclusive games for the XBOX, so I foresee no problem PS3 owners have in purchasing Bungie's PS3, granted the game is good.

Though I'll admit, that a Developer's reputation does indeed factor into consideration when purchasing games. I for one, shy away from games made by bad developers and those that have made unwise comments.

IMO Bungie would have alot to prove beforehand, their success on the XBOX would not only have any meaning to PS3 owners, it will also put their game literally on the "HOT SEAT" so to speak. You also have to remember, that this game will have no MS backing it, so this one would be receive and perceive differently without it.

Another is, just because they release a game on the PS3, even if its a good one, I think will not guarantee them success. Let's face it Bungie, will have a tough proposition in winning over PS3 gamers, and I do not envy them this task. Much of the success of their game I think would come down to, just how good they handle th PR on the PS3 front.

So goodluck to them, they are certainly going to need it, if this rumor does indeed comes true.

lowcarb3072d ago

Your avatar speaks a thousand words. I will never listen to the whines of the devil. Bungie is great developer that has introduced many features to gaming with Halo. You can go against the millions of gamers that love there work all you want but don't play dumb like this wouldn't be huge news if true. SDf troll monkeys whine about everything like they don't want or need it since 360 had it 1st lol. This is huge news if true so get over it already because of your jealousy of Halo's success.

psiom3072d ago

Walther: in its day, Marathon was epic. It was fantastically well received and it garnered an enormous fanbase.

A Marathon remake would be freakin awesome.

An Oni remake like 1.0 said would be damn sweet too. Since Oni was PS2 game it's not unreasonable either. The I.P is likely fully retained by Bungie alone.

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Xbox Avatars Shoe3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

"As rumored by Hip Hop Gamer"


Any "news" that is first reported from Hip Hop Gamer can be considered nothing other than nonsense and/or flame bait.

hay3072d ago

@1.0 & 1.8: Bungie sold Oni rights to Rockstar as I recall correctly.

Guido3072d ago

Sorry, I am not a big fan of Halo. Played all the games but the online is not for me. It would be cool to see them make a remake of Marathon and add a multiplayer more akin to COD.

BattleAxe3072d ago

If its anything like HALO, then probably not.

sikbeta3072d ago

Stupid question, if the game is really good I'll buy it

UltraNova3072d ago

If its remotely similar to Halo hell no.. An Oni sequel with HD visuals (Bungie's first entry to the now 3 year old HD era)would move my interest..

foxtheory3071d ago

Why not? If it's good and not too generic like the Halo franchise, I'd most definitely get it. Bungie is a very talented developer and I'd like to see them make some new IPs.

vhero3071d ago

Who cares who its by? As long as it quality??? Unless its by Valve I will buy it if its good.

raztad3071d ago

I still fail to see how a company unable to push a proper HD game thus far for the "easiest to develop for" console, will get a decent looking PS3 game running at a decent framerate.

Chubear3071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

If it's top quality then sure, why not. That's the whole point in gaming isn't it? Top quality digital entertainment? However, if it's normal average like Marathon or Halo then ofcourse hell no.

If people want to fall for mediocrity wrapped in hype they are all too welcomed to do so but not me. TRUE Top quality or gtfo. So far all Bungie games have been decent ok games in my book so I'm not remotely excited about them developing games for the PS3 outside of the fact that I would enjoy watching some fans cry :P

Ohhh how I will bath in tears.

Rhythmattic3071d ago

Fair, balanced comment. Why did you get disagrees ?


Xgamerzus3071d ago

That's a tough question depends on the Technical level they have on ASMP or if they even have a staff that can tackle the PS3??
All the PS3 top dev teams are way far ahead of the competition so ???

Anon19743071d ago

I'd love to see what they could do using the PS3 hardware. If it turned out to be a good game, it doesn't matter who makes it. A good game is a good game regardless of company or what console it's on.

Let's hope this rumor turns out to be true.

TotalPS3Fanboy3071d ago

I won't take it. Even with salt.

ico923071d ago (Edited 3071d ago )

Oni was an awesome game i love how it blended 3rd person shooting with CQC so awesome it almsot reminded me of gun kata the fighting technique used in that sci-fi film Equiliibrium if bungie could make a sequal that would be awesome

Saaking3071d ago

I'd buy it if it was exclusive.

zeeshan3071d ago

I don't care who is the developer as long as the game is worth it.

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Delta3072d ago

Why not? If it's good.

lightningsax3071d ago

That's pretty much the correct response here. If it's an awesome game and not some botched port a la Bayonetta/Orange Box, I'm interested. I'm still not a fan of the whole Halo story or aesthetic, but Bungie does a good job in crafting a well-balanced game.

As a PS3/PC guy and a big fan of Rez and Lumines, I wasn't turned off to Q when stuff got released on Xbox Live. I was pissed that it wasn't also on PS3, but I'll still support Q. Plus, I think that was Sega's fault...

Doesn't it always come back to Sega in the end? How depressing.

Bereaver3072d ago

Of course, if it was good. Bungie doesn't talk trash... like... some companies.... trash

Bereaver3072d ago

Bungie yes
Turn10 no

Turn10 the trash of the century.

lh_swe3072d ago

Play before you judge!

PlayStation X3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

forza 3 lol
game was a joke

yeah id buy a bungie 'game'. (not expansion lol)

lh_swe3072d ago

That game was a joke huh?

Hmm the most realistic tire physics in a game, amazing customization, great career mode with tons of rewards and the genius leveling system, difficulty that caters to all people, 400 cars and a s***load of tracks.

I mean the physics for this game are alone mind boggling.

PlayStation X3072d ago

you mean the game i rented for a week n only had about 10 races on?
games boring as sh1t

realistic physics? looooooool

and it sold badly so obviously the game sucks, right?

lh_swe3072d ago

But thats one of the best platformers around.

Crash physics aren't the only physics genius, the most important physics are driving mechanics etc which affect how your race not crash as you should be avoiding that as much as possible in a game like this, you want realistic crash physics buy burnout and don't pretend like the crash physics will be anything more than cosmetic in GT5.

And if you only had 10 races then I feel sorry for you because you didn't get a taste of the real cars and a taste of how truly rewarding this game can be.

Crass3071d ago

Forza 3 was a great experience, and being a fanboy and refusing to give a chance on the sole fact its an xbox-exclusive shows how narrowminding fanboys really are.

BTW that was an awesome glitch lol.

Saaking3071d ago

Forza 3 may be good, but NO ONE can deny that Turd 10 are the WORST developers this gen. With all the BS they spewed, they didn't even come close.

ambientFLIER3071d ago

Trash talking doesn't make you a terrible developer.

lh_swe3070d ago

The amount of BS they spewed doesn't reflect the quality of their game which happens to be great, we can hate them all we want however the truth of the matter is that their games are good.

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