Sexy Girlfriend Game Uses Face Tracking And 3D Images

Thought Love Plus was immersive? Another company is working on a girlfriend game with face tracking technology via a webcam. When you make motions like nodding "she" can respond to you.

Real Kanojo (Real Girlfriend) also supports 3D glasses – stereoscopic, red and blue 3D glasses to give the illusion of depth.

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Sonyslave33038d ago

LOL we going to see a lot this when Natal comes out.

anti-gamer3038d ago

because bot can't have a real girlfriend.

lordkemp0073038d ago

This would work wonders for a 360 players self esteem, as most of, if not all of their girlfriends have punctures.

sorceror1713038d ago

Isn't the whole game just an "illusion of depth"?

DiffusionE3038d ago

Weren't gamers criticized for ogling at Lara Croft's digital assets or, apparently, wanking to elven girls on WoW?

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